Monday, June 11, 2012


Dear family,


Well this is going to be a different letter this week:) haha so much stuff happened this week and sorry I wont be able to put on pictures and I will tell you why in a second.


First things first. This week we had a zone activity, sorry mom I know this is going to make you jealous:) So we went to an island right off the shore of angola, called the slave island. It is called the because back in the day as the portugal and other contries would ship slave out from africa this was a major island that they would ship them to first to make it more excesible for ships to pick them up. But I will be honest none of us payed to much attention to the history of the place and much as the beach!! Wow that was one of the most pretty places I have ever been. From the beach you could see all of angola with all the the huge buildings to the byhoos( small shake huts made out of cement.) It was so amazing to sit back and look at the city to give you a refresser of why we are here. then we just played sports and made sand castles and all that fun stuff. Yes even walk along the beach and waves would crash up onto you and as the water receiding having sand cover your feet:) ya it was super fun. I got tons of amazing pictures and good memories. I am really going to miss president and sister walton. they are going to be leaving soon because there time is up here on the mission.


The baptism was amazing! she was so excited and yestarday she recieve the holy ghost and confirmed a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints!! She has a ton of friends in the church so I feel like the transfer from us to members will be easy.


So this past week my companion and I should president a house the we had found through a member. He and sister walton just loved it. So they already gave them the church contract for the house and it is getting confirmed right now!! but we will see. that is one thing about angolan realestate is you dont have the house untill you have the keys in you hands and it is fully paid for, but chances are we have it and will move in the next 2 weeks or so.


So this is the very interesting part of this week which just happend yestarday. Know that I wouldnt tell you about this unless president told me to tell you. Last night my companion and I were just getting do with a lesson and were on our way to another appointment. It was late and we were in kind of a hurry so we cut through some roads and some alleys as we have many times before. out of the corner of my eye I saw two guys running. When a feeling of calmness just came over me. Suddenly the two men surrounding my companion, my companion being much shorter of the two of us. They yelled "Vou ti matar" meaning I will kill you, and they also started yelling money. I grab one of the guys by the shoulders and held him there as my companion was quaralling with the other. I Had a feeling that I shouldnt resist and shouldnt fight them. From the corner of my eye I could see my companion taking off his backpack. So I let this man that I had in my hands go and handed him my backpack. They grabed our bags and took off through the streets. Nether my companion or I were hurt. As we continued walking we got to talking and Elder Walker had seen a handle in the guys pocket that took his bag. We are not quite sure if it was a gun or a knife but it was a tender mersy of the lord that calmness had overcome both my companion and I. If that feeling of calmness hadnt have come we might have fought with them and the results could have been a whole lot worse. I know he was guiding us and protecting us. He does every min of the day.


Dont be afraid or anything. We feel fine and I still feel safe as I walk the streets today. but I love youguys and I hope you have a great week:) by the way I have something to ask of you really quick. I have an option to ether shorten my mission three week or to lengthen it three. What should I do? I will explain latter:) well love you guys have a great week!


Elder Wilhelm



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