Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Ola Familia!!!

Hey, whats up!!! Sorry, just to warn you, today the internet is very slow
and I am not sure how much I will be able to write because it took
awhile to load it all. Thanks for all of the letters though!! I really
appreciate it!!!! You guys rock!

Our week was totally awesome!!!! This week we were working our tails
off. It was really sad though, because after having a sweet week with
our investigators and some recent converts, like none of them came to
church! DANG YOU SATAIN!!!  It rained a lot on Sunday so a lot of
people used it as an excuse to not come to church...

During this week though we had a couple of visitors. The first was the
assistants, Elder Mariquele and Hyde, and the other was Elder Lopes,
the 1st counselor in the mission presidency.

The assistants were down here for a couple of days and did some
divisions with us. One of the divisions I was with elder Mariquele!!
Ha ha, ya it felt really the same to walk with him, ha ha, we only
separated like 3 weeks ago. It was a very good division though!

The other visit from Lopes was less for us and more for the branches.
Although he did participate in our district meeting and gave us a
training. Elder Lopes was so fun!! He is just a crazy old Brazilian
man that likes to tell stories, but I learned a lot and he really
helped the branch out with his visit. He left just this morning so we
will miss him.

Actually this week we lost a dupla here in Lubango. We are not sure
for how long, but for the mean while it is just elder Wilson and I for
all of Lubango. Wish us luck!!! :) Ha ha, this next week should be
super busy just because of that, but we are pretty excited!! Pres said
that probably here in a week or so we will get another dupla to
replace the other ones so it won' be for too long.

This week while the assistants were down here we went out to eat at
this really fancy restaurant because this was elder Mariquele's last time
coming down here and he always wanted to eat there! This place is
called Kimba de Soba. There they sell really exotic foods and an array
of other things. When you first get there you just see all of these
big huts, some for sleeping and a few for the actually restaurant. All
around within the property there are a bunch of crazy animals like
monkeys, alligators, andicondas and just a lot of animals. When you
walk into the eating hut you pass by this glass container that has all
of the exotic meats that you can eat. We chose to eat crocodile, oryx,
javelin, and alcatra. The later I don't even know what it is:) ha ha, I
think it is some kind of deer. Anyways it was some of the best meet I
have ever had and the crocodile was actually very sweet and not fishy
at all! ha ah but we had a good time.

Anyways I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Ola querida familia!!!

Thanks everyone for the letters this week!!! I really appreciate them and am excited to hear from y'all next week:) Just a side note for mom and dad, you guys are really getting old:) ha ha

Well this week was just a nice solid week of work!! It is so nice to not have meetings or anything:) although this next week will be chalk full because the APs will be down here to do divisions with us and Elder Lopes(the first counselor in the mission presidency) will be coming down to give us some training and to help out the brach a bit.

Anyways back on subject. This week was awesome!!! Yesterday Elder Wilson and I, as it was starting to get dark, we were walking up to another appointment by the railroad tracks. As we were walking along the road this guy on his motorcycle turns around and stops to talk to us. He had a friend that had received the book of mormon and that he wanted to know more.

While we were talking to that guy another guy stops abruptly and asks us what we are doing, so elder Wilson continued talking to the first guy and I went over the second guy. I explained to him that we were missionaries of the church and that we had a message that we would like to share with him. So I grabbed his number and elder Wilson got the other guys number.

As soon as those two guys started their bikes yet another man stopped us on his motorcycle. He knew that we were missionaries of the church and started explaining that he needed help to stop drinking and to start going to church. So we explained that would could help him the best we could, and then asked for a number. The man put his head down and said he didn't have one, but he really wanted us to pass by. So we gave him our number and he was about to take off when, low and behold, his brother and his cousin drive up on their motorcycles to see what we were talking about:) ha ha! It turns out that they all lived in the same area and those two guy had telephone numbers:) ha ha!  It turned out alright. Angolans are so curious some times:) ha ha! I love them so much. So hopefully we will get to talk to these guys this week.

Anyways we are teaching this guy named Carlos. On friday Carlos invited us over to his house so that we could teach him and clear up any doubt that he had. When we got there we found Carlos, but he was not alone. He had like 5 of his bodies, all of them from his church that wanted to listen in on the lesson. (So I have had this happen to me before and when you have a room full of 25 year old men that are strong in their faith normally it turns into a bible bash and we just try and leave them with pamphlets and leave).  This time it was different. We went in there and we explained about the restoration. All of these men were understanding it perfectly, except for Carlos. So whenever Carlos got confused about something, all of these other 5 guys would explain it to him perfectly from what we told them:) ha ha! At the end of the lesson when we got out the book of mormon they were all intrigued and wanted to know more. Sadly we only had two copies on us, so they started playfully fighting over the books:) ha ha! It was a lot of fun and they were are super  intelligent guys. Later we went over and brought the rest of them books of Mormon. It was a very good lesson though and some of them ended up coming to church on Sunday!!!!

We also had an investigator that got bit by a dog this week. His name is Junior. We have been teaching Junior for a week and a half now, but he is sick! When we taught about the restoration he just wanted to know for himself, so we gave him the Book of Mormon. He just has not had that much time to read it, because he is always working. So in one of our lesson we read the intro with him and he really liked it. But because of his dog bite, this week he has to stay home:) I know I am a little selfish in thinking this, but now he has time to read from the book of Mormon!!!! ha ha He has already read the first couple of chapters.

Anyways I love you all so much!!! I sure do hope all goes well this week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Ola famila!!!!

Hey everyone!!! Thank you so much for the letters this week.  I really needed them:) I am happy to know that all went well with the funeral. It sounds like there were quite a few laughs:) ha ha I am glad everyone is as happy as could be.

My week was so awesome!!! We tried to be as busy as we could and we found quite a few new people. It was so much fun!!!

So This Last Friday Elder Wilson and I had set up with the branch president to go see some of our recent converts. The First person that we visited we actually met at the chapel and we met inside of pres office. We, the missionaries, didn't really do a whole lot because it as more of a time for president to get to know some of his ward members.

President prepared a little spiritual thought on our baptismal covenant and he was going off on a scripture in 2 Ne.31. President was in the middle of an explanation on the scripture we he stopped abruptly and got this weird look on his face. Panicky he yelled "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!!!" Then he bolted for the door and straight to the bathroom:) ha ha I guess he had eaten something bad and it sure was hitting him hard! It was a close encounter:)

On Thursday we had an activity night with a bunch of members and investigators. Elder Brown gave a spiritual thought on Christ, using an rubrics cube. All of the Angolans were so amazed!! Then after he was done, Brown gave them all little rubrics cubes. Oh man were the members happy:) ha ha within 10 seconds of giving the cubes, all of them and mixed it up and were coming up to us to help them fix it, and 4 or 5 cubes had exploded:) ha ha

Elder Wilson and I were in charge of the game so we play a version of mafia with them called Nephites and Lamanites. I was the spokesman for the game and boy was it a challenge:) ha ha Everyone was getting so into it accusing each other of being a Lamanite! ha ha a few times we had to get everyone quite so that we could vote who would me eliminated:) I love the Angolan people they are just so fun and really get into games!!

Here in Lubango we finally received the discs for general conference. So on sunday we watched all of the Saturday sessions. Although Elder Wilson and I had been given another assignment. We were to watch over the primary during the whole conference! It was a blast, but boy did it take the energy out of me:) We mostly played games and sang songs that elder Wilson and I didn't know how to sing in Portuguese.

Anyways sorry i kind of rambled today:) ha ha but it was a really fun week!! Thanks y'all for everything! I hope that everything goes well back at home!!! Love you guys!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Querida familia,

Thanks y'all for all of the letters you done sent me:) ha ha It looks like halloween was a blast and that you all had a great time!! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family!!!

So just to get down to business, I LOVE LUBANGO!!!! Oh man things down here are way more chiller in the sense of the weather and the people:) The climate is almost exactly the same as good ol Saint Johns, but the only difference is that all of the people are black:) I feel like the people down here are way nice too! on Sunday, Elder Wilson and I were walking to one of our appointments and we literally got stopped 3 or 4 times, within 5 min, of people just wanting to talk:) Haha it is so cool!!!

My new comp, Elder Wilson, is such a fun dude!! This is the first time that I have severed with him or ever have been in the same house. I think he was a little nervous at first, because he didn't really have a whole lot of time to get to know the area, but we got into a grove and it is super easy to teach with him.

Our area mostly consists of 12 recent converts and few less active and a couple of really cool investigators! The recent converts are all super strong in the church already, but we still need to finish up all of the lessons with them. This past sunday 2 of our recent converts brought friends to church, and we will be teaching them during this next week. We have this one investigator named Afonso who is absolutely sick. I have only sat with him twice now, but he is always at church and even helped us clean the chapel on Saturday!! We marked a baptism date with him for the end of the month!! I sure hope he makes it. He has a girlfriend, so I sure hope that that doesn't become a problem.

On my second day here Elder Wilson and I had a lesson with a recent convert named Telmo. We were teaching him outside of his house because inside was way small. Anyways in the middle of the lesson somebody calls him over on the other side of the fence. So he went over to go talk to the person. While we were waiting there were a bunch of little girls playing around this pit that was about 5 feet deep. They were laughing and throwing rocks when all of the sudden the oldest girl grabs one of the younger ones and places her down into the pit to go and grab something:) The oldest girl then proceeds to throw the little girl a peace of sting and tried to pull her up, but in vain.  It didn't work. So she herself jumps in grabs something and throws it out and climbs out. She then grabbed the hands of the other little girl that couldn't get out. Realizing that she couldn't do it by herself she starts calling the other little girls to come pull on her butt:) So this other little girls obey and they all started tugging and with a little effort they finally got the other girl out:) ha ha I freakin love little kids sometime!!!

Well I love you all so much!!! I hope all goes well with you all!!!

Elder Wilhelm