Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Bom Dia familia!!!

hey hey everyone!!! Thanks for the letters this week:) it was fun hearing from all of you! you all rock. It good to hear that everything back at home are still in full swing and that the grand babies are getting so big! It dont think that i am going to recognize any of them by the time taht i get back!! haha

This week was way sick for us!!! When chatwin and i became companions we decided that we wanted to focus on strengthening the brach, and boy has the lord opened up some door for us to do so. We have been helping members with there callings, passing by their houses, helped update the data base of the branch records and just a huge aray of things! In return we have receive a lot of trust from the branch president and he is actually asking for our sujestions on how we can all work together to strengthen the branch. It has really been a milagre to see all of these changes within the branch! And for the first time in like 2 months we got a member referal because we decided to visit the members and help them with their callings! 

The focus on the branch does not mean that we are not working with investigators though. Whenever we get free time we are out trying to find people and teaching families. We finally we able to sit with adilsons dad and share a message with him and his whole family. After we were done Ricardo, adilsons dad, said 'you guys ought to pass by everyday so we can study the bible.' ha ha he is a very nice man along with the rest of the family members! Adilson this past week recieved the aronic preisthood and was passing the sacrament:) he had a grin from ear to ear as he was passing!

Marcos is doing really good! everytime we go over there he just has so many questions for us on the gosple and is like a sponge and soaks it all in! Our last visit with him was a very neat experience as we talked about the plan of salvation. Near the end he asked us how it is that he could be baptised. So we explained it all to him and also explained the law of chastity. after he learned that we said he would do anything to get baptised and said that he would get married so that he could do so!

Well i love you all somuch and hope all goes well during this week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2013

Ola familia!!!

Hey hey!! IT was so great to hear from all of yall today:) Thanks for your letters and such!

Well this week has been we cool! This morning At like 6 Elder Wilson left for the airport and went up to luanda, on monday he will be headed back to the states. I am going to miss him a ton!! I really enjoyed my time working with him!

This past week was kind of a rush and just was really busy with elder wilson going home. We also had several meetings with the elders up in luanda via video conference, and the baptisms and jsut teaching. it was a pretty full week, but i really enjoyed it:)

We had 5 baptims this week from irmao rocks family. They were all his kids in that one picture! ha ha I was looking at his baptismal record and he has at least 17 childeren! ya holy cow!!! but the service went very well and it was a good experience for all of them, including rock and baptising for the first time. There were also like 30 people watching the baptisms! It was so good to see the members coming out to support these converts!!!

So Now we are teaching this really cool guy named Marcos. We didnt find marcos, he found us. two weeks ago marcos showed up to the step of the church with his member brother from the congo wanting to know more about the church. His brother was way inactive, but likes the church, but i am not seen him since. Marcos has been so open to our message and has been coming to every activity that he can at the church! The only thing that is going to hold him from getting baptised soon is that he needs to get marride first, but he has such a strong desire taht i think he will do all he can to get marride! haha not every day that people come and contact us:) haha

Well i love you all so much!!! thankyou for e everthing that yall do for me!! have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hey Fam!!!

Há há i like the contest that you all started back home:) Shee  need to join that when i get home! há há, but it will be over by that time...há há

Anyways I am not sure how much i will be able to write because the internet horrible!! but we will see were we can get:)

TRANSFERS!!! Elder Wilson has been transfered home:) leaving me to fend for myself:), but Elder Chatwin will be taking his place and will probably kill me in the mission!!! I am so excited to be serving with another arizonian:) há há it will be fun! Other than that change everything here in Lubango stayed the same. Some more happy news is that we are recieving 3 new elders!!! Their visas were finally accepted!!! we are way excited to recieve them all!!!

Adilsons baptism was way good!!! A ton of members came out to watch the baptism so he had a lot of suport. His parents were not able to make it because His mother is in the hospital right now because her leg was hurting her really bad, but we took a loto f pictures so we will give them a lotJ adilson was so excited for His baptism! He has been waiting for almost two years! This next week we will also have a few baptisms from rocks family. One of the kids fell through, but the others will be baptizedJ

Sorry i didnt get to write a whole lot today, but i love you all so much!! have a great week:)

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

Dear Family!!!

Hey everybody!!! whats up!!! New Years sounds like it was a blast back home. ha ha I cant wait to hear what i wrote about seven years ago:) be sure to let me know! ha ha It sounds like y'all had a ton of fun!!

My new year so great!!! President actually changed up our schedule a little bit so that our pday was on Wednesday. Partly because of all the drinking that would be going on. On new years day We decided to hike up to cristo rei, the big christ statue that they have down here. It is located on top of a small mountain. So it took us a little bit till we made it up to the top. On our way up I took so many pictures and videos of the area. It was so pretty! On the trail up we actually found a chameleon, kind of like the one on the movie tangled:) we held it and took some pictures with it. When we got up to the top we walked right up to the statue and luckily it was open so we were able to go inside and go up to the feet of the statue. It is so beautiful up there. From the top you can see to whole city of Lugango! It was just an awesome experience. To get home we felt a little lazy, so we bummed a ride off of some Chinese men that drove up to see it also.

The rest of our week was way good though! Adlison had his interview on Saturday and passed it with flying colors, so he will be baptized this sat!! Adilson is so excited, and also all his family said that they would come and watch. We are hoping to be able to teach Adilson's brothers and sisters after his baptism, and hopefully his parents to!

Another family that is doing great is Rocks kids. Rock is a recent convert who is serving as 1st councilor in the elders quorum presidency. We started talking to his kids like a month and a half ago and they have been progressing really well and will be baptized next week. There are 6 of them.

Anyways I love you all so much! sorry I have to go already have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm