Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dear My beloved family,

Well its been an awesome week here at the mtc!!! So much has been happening a lot of progress and a lot of work for my companion and I. As you all know my companion and I had the opprotunty travel to New York to pay for and sign our visas!!!!

We left the Salt Lake airport at around midnight. Boy was that the longest night of my life. Of course we were flying in coach and sitting right by the bathroom so we had a steady stream of people traveling by us throughout the night. We had three missionaries with us. The first was Elder Tilly, second was my companion, and the last was yours truly, me, and that was the same order of seats on the plane. All of us shoulder to shoulder, knees up to our stomach. Oh goodness it was a little crazy. Dad you are totally right about airplanes, I think the devil made them! >:(

So after a sleepless night of fighting for armrest space we arived in New York and 6:00 am New York time. They gave us instructions to call this guy named Chucky to come pick us up... Ya we thought the same thing. So we call him and he meets us near outside of the baggege claim. When he pulls up he had all of our names in his window (all spelt a little wrong but I wasn't going to question him) so we figure that was him. Now to give you an image of Chucky. Chucky was a bigger fellow who I think he said was a mixture between India Indian and Irish... ya I dont how that happened, but anyways, we get into his black Lincoln and the first thing I notice is on each door lock there is a scull head of a demon. haha Yes mom I probably should have listened to you more about strangers:) but hey the church was the one that sent him to us. I really dont think he was a mormon but I really liked him. He had quite a few really neat stories about New York and some of his experiences.

So Chucky droped us of at the Manhattan temple which is a mixture between a temple, a church house, and church office building. It was way cool! There we met a man by the name of Lion, who let us sleep in one of the rooms there on the floor... what a generous man:) but I don't know if i have ever slept so good in my life. He was the one that brought us to the Angolan embassy. I think we were in the embassy for a totally 30 min or so. haha. All that I had to do was just sign and pay. They said they were going to send the visas in a week to us so we have visas!!! Then Chucky came and picked us up and brought us to the airport and we headed back bome. Really a fast trip but so fun!

Ok so much other stuff happend this week but I don't have much time left so I will just tell you what happened without a story. This last Sunday, my companion and I were made zone learders and it was been so hectic, but so much fun to get to know the elders and sisters in our zone.

So mom and dad I lied to you I am sorry but we are not preforming in the priesthood session it will be the Saturday night session. My bad, I wasn't too sure anyways.

The church is true and I love the book of mormon:) ha ha just thought I would say something spiritually.

Well anyways I love you all and hope you have a great week :)

Elder Spencer Wilhelm


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dear Family,

I freekin love you all! Thanks for all the e-mails and letters. They are one of the best parts of my week, hearing how you are doing. Thanks Maria so much for the package! I was starting to have withdraws on my caffeine :)

Lara that is so cool with the house I am hoping you get it. That would be cool for you to live in good old St. Johns! What a great place.

Hmm, I am not totally sure if anything that sweet and amazing happend this week, but tonight guess what!? I am headed to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The travel office just put a letter in our mail box so me, my compainion, and elder Tilley are headed there to pick up our visas!!! Holy cow I am so excited to go. We leave tonight at 9 but we wont be staying the night or anything. It will be a really fast trip. The Angola embasy told us that we had to pick them up in person,

UUUMMMMM oh ya, Elder Polito, elder Hanson and I were excepted into the MTC choir for General Conference!! so hopefully during preisthood meeting dad you might see us so be sure to look for us.

This week we got two more investigators. One doesn't even know who God is, so this will be intresting to try and teach him. I guess it could be like that where we are going. Today we talked to the doctor about malaria pills.... I feel like i might die there or something. haha He was a little dramatic about it I think I am sure as long as we take the precautions we will be ok.

Sorry this week was a bunch of random stuff it is just I was in a rush to get them all read and what not but I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Oia Familia!

Thank you all so much for your e-mails!!! They make me feel so good to hear from you and how you are doing. Its sounds like life has gotten better since I left :) LARA I am so Flippng excited for you!!! That is so cool you got a job up in the good old SJ. I bet Mom and dad are way excited to have you. Kirsten your going to have to let me know how the ball went! If only your brother husband could have taken you ;) By the way everyone If you would like a personal letter send me your address. They only give us 30 min on our e-mails and just to read from you all take half the time:) but I still love it.

So this week hmmm not a whole lot just another week at the mtc. Language is still coming slowly but surely especially when I compare it to last week. Boy I didn't know anything last week. haha. P-Day is going great. I got to go to the temple again and have another wonderfull session and amazing food in the basement!! (thanks for the tip Jake)

So this week I was playing basketball with a few other elders and two irmas in our zone. We were all just have a good time and it started getting a little intense. So I was guarding my man when all of a sudden I felt something hit me and I heard this thump right behind me so I kind of jumped a little be off to the side. ( I thought a basketball had gone astray from another court or something) and I turned around and one of the girls had ran right into me. She is honestly and little over a foot shorter than me. haha ya I kind of felt bad but she was ok:) I didnt think I was that big of a guy. I need to get used to this superhuman body:)

This week I really got into the book of mormon. Every day this week I read pretty close to 15 to 20 pages. I never really got to into it before the mission but know that I have time to think about what i am reading. It is truly an inspired book with much invested in it to keep it safe. I love it so much.

chau chau familia eu amo muito:)

Elder Wilhelm


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey everyone!!!!
Its been a great week here at the mtc. The language is still coming and I have a lot longer to go. Hmm this week was really a really uneventful week. But on Tuesday, President Holland came and spake to us!!! it was so stinkin cool. He is just an amazing speaker. He did get a little intense towards the missionaries, haha, as he always does. He spoke to us that after our mission we should never be the same person again and never return to that person again. (I didnt think I was that bad:) )

Then on Sunday Alex Boye came and spoke/sung/preached to us. For those who don't know who he is (like I didnt) he is a Mormon singer and he sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Chior. The songs he does reminds me of a preacher from Alabama or something. haha. He is from England. Don't really know how that black part came into his voice.

Sorry mom I can't send pictures for some reason on these computers. I will be sure to send some in the mail to ya. By the way thanks so much for sending me that card if you could activate it that would be great.