Monday, July 30, 2012


Dear family!!

VACA SANTO!!!!! Voces vão mudar!!!! That is just crazy!!!!! Sheee I wasnt expecting that letter:) that sounds like a super exciting time for all yall back at home. That is a very nice home as I remember. ha ha Well have fun moving:) Thank you all for your letter it's always great to hear from you all:)

So the results came in for this next transfer. What  is going to happen is I will be going to a place called Luanda 1 Which is about 20 min. away from cassquell!!! We totally weren't expecting that because the plan was for all of us that are already in cassquell to train the next people about the area for a transfer. Very unexpected! Yet so exciting!!! My companion will be elder Kearney, who has been here since Dec.!!! It will be a ton of fun because he and I are opening up the new area there in Luanda 1. The best part is we will go live in the old cassquell house because there isn't enough room in the Luanda house for another dupla. So we will see how this transfer goes. We still haven't heard any word about the presidents visa but hopfully next week!

So this week went pretty good. We took a lot of time this week on finding old members of the church. Salt Lake had sent us a list of about 47 names to find in cassquell. All these people are members of the church who had moved here without knowledge of the church being here. So we went traking them down. It was truly amazing to actually be able to find people on acount that there are practicly no street names but its all good:)

Well Hey I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Dear Family,

Discupa mas Eu tenho que pedir por perdão:) Sorry we weren't able to get to the computers until today. yesterday was just a little bit crazy trying to get everything done but I am repenting now:)

Well guess who is in another tripla.... this guy:) ha ha. It is with elder perry once again so it's  all good. He has a great spirit about him. Transfers will be coming up this next week on Tues. or Thurs. depending on which day the new elders arrive. Aall three of us in the cassequel branch pretty much know all three of us are staying. Why you may ask? Well, it is because we will be having 4 duplas working in the ramo de cassequel. So each one of us will recieve a new companion and we will have one more duple where we are going to have to show them the area. It will be such a big blessing but at the same time it will be just absolutely insane with things to do! More than likely we for sure have one new missionary in our district with elder Perry but there could be more.

So this week was a great week! We still haven't heard anything about presidents visa, but we will just keep praying for him:) This week we had an amazing breakthrough with two of our investigators. The first ones name is Rhasmy. We have been teaching her and her family for about a month now and we were debating whether  to drop them or not because none of them were reading to book of mormon or attending church. But we decided to give them one more shot and visit them one more time just to see what would happen. The lesson went great. We talked about church aand how important it was and such. So Sunday came around and to our suprise one member of their family came. Rhasmy and her cousin who she decided to bring with her. We didnt get too much of a chance to talk to her during church but we headed over to her house the next day to talk to her and see how it went. She told us how much she loved it and the reverence that we have in the church was just amazing:) She explained to us that after church when she got home she read 8 chapters out of the book of mormon!!!! Since the rest of her family has really opened up to us. We are so excited to see this change within that family.

The other person is Ana. She was actually an ex investigator that I was teaching when I had first arrived. Last week she decided to go to church and talk to us, so we set up and appointment with her later that night. So we got there and we were just trying to figure out what she needed because our last visit she decided to stop the lesson. But then again she began to read that good ol livro de mormonm also talked with her freinds from the church and thats why she decided to come back. The next lesson she got a baptismal date!

But hey I love you all so much and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, July 16, 2012


Querida familia

Hey whats up family!? Sounds like you guys have had a wonderful week. Not  just too much confussion so thats good! Things here are going just absolutely great!

This week was really an interesting week. At times it felt like we were pushing on brick walls and others it felt like we got the wall to go an inch or two ha ha!  During this week we droped two people and another told us that he just wasn't interested right now. Its really sad to see these things happen. The guy that told us he wasn't that interested we had some high hopes for. It gets frustrating sometimes just working with someone and then something like that happens and it's over. I really loved those people this week. All I can do now is just hope and pray they read that wonderful book. the book of Mormon. We also made some amazing progress with a few of our investigators as well. This week has just had it all sky high and lows of lows, but we go on doing our best. Hey sorry I need to get going my time is getting close to being out. I love you all so much and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, July 9, 2012


Dear family,

Wow this past week sounds like it been a crazy week for you guys! man I bet it is so fun for you guys and all those kids. I cant believe Camille is already married!!! Holy crap that is crazy! That didn't just take too long. Give a girl a little time at college and look at what happens:) ha ha thats so awesome though!!!

If I didnt say this past week was a strange week I would be lieing though my teeth. Having the two areas was actually a lot of fun. Because we got to know some more people in our branch and all their investigators in their area! They have some pretty awesome people but I think ours are better:) ha ha!  With the two areas it has really has been a little confussion with scheduling apointments and what not, but we were able to talk another ward missionary to walk with elder Perry. He didn't say how long he would be able to walk with him but hey if its only for a few days.  I will take it. That way we can focus more on our area again.

Well It was time to say goodbye to our mission president, president Walton:( It was a really bitter sweet moment to see them go. Bitter for two thing. 1st because I love them so much they were some of the hardest workers you would ever meet. and 2nd they totally bragged about all the fun stuff they were going to go do when they went back! What jerks hahaha, but we are happy for them to finally get a break. They really worked their fingers to the bone. So right now all the missionaries in Angolaa are running around with our heads chopped off because our new mission president still hasn't arived yet. His date isn't untill like next Saturday to arrive, but he is also having so problems with his visa just like the other elders in the mtc. So please keep them in your prayers:)

mas vida ta boã aqui!!! Tambam FELIZ ANIVERSARIO MA MA!!!!!

Well Hey i love you guys so much and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey fam!!!

This week was kind of a different week here in Angola, but just amazing!

One thing I should probably explain is what happened with transfers last week for cassquell. No surprise,  my companion and I are staying together for at least one more transfer to finish up training. But the other two missionaries in our house had a change. We had to say goodbye to our good friend Elder Hobbs, he went to a place called Terra Nova. The Elder that was supposed to come take his place is still at the mtc having difficulties getting a visa to Angola. So Elder Perry was without a companion. Luckily, president told us so a ward missionary was be coming to take his place for just a little while and he would live with us just like normal missionary. The branch missionarys name is Adão. Adão is preparing to serve a mission in cape verde with no training before hand:) to say the least it was a super fun learning and teaching experience with him in the house. The thing is he had to leave on Sunday because he had some family things he needed to go work out and he will be starting a job today!  We were so happy for him because he wasnt quite sure how he was going to pay for his mission:) So with him gone that leaves one thing left for us missionaries to do. Tripla!! Elder Perry came into our companionship and we are joining our areas for the time being. We can tell with the two areas we are going to be going pretty crazy with appointments but it should be very rewarding.

Anyways I love you all and have an amazing 4th of JULY!!!!!!

Elder Wilhelm