Monday, June 18, 2012


Dear Family,

Hey it was so wonderful to get all of your letters this week. Sorry if I scared anybody:) but it sounded like everyone learned from it.

This past week had been kind of a jug jug step by step week. Although it was a very long week got through it and a lot of cool things happend. The robbing really slowed down the work, Really kind of frustrating. Along with all of our stuff the most valuble thing they took was our phone and our planners. Why you may ask? espcially because the phone was probably 5 dollars. Well between our planner and our phone we lost pretty much all of our contacts!!! It was almost impossible to get ahold of anybody to make apointments, so this past week has been a ton of beating on doors with no results. ugh.... we have recovered most of our contacts thanks to our area book and the work is starting to speed up again. This next week should be much faster!! fingers crossed.

Oh ya I have to explain the situation with why we need to decide to stay 3 weeks longer or shorter. So here is the deal. In a normal transfer or period of time you are in an area is about 6 weeks or so. As you might have notice I am aproching my 9th week to finish my first transfer here in angola. The reason we had a 9 week transfer is to cordinate better with the new missionaries coming in next week and to make things easier on the new mission pressident when he arrives. So here comes the dilema, president Walton told us we need to decide this week whether we want to extend or shorten. I am going to tell him tomorrow in our interview. I have prayed and thought about it a lot.... I am going to extend for another 3 weeks:)

Well I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for you all! Have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

P.S. We moved into our new apartment this week!!!!!

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