Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear family,

Howdy y'all!!! Thank you all so much for all of the letters and all of the bragging of general conference. I hope it went amazing!!! We did get to see a part too:) I hope all goes well with all of the training dad!! I know you will do great!!!

Anyways, my mission is going absolutely amazing!!! I love being here and just talking with the people!!! This week Mariquele and I got to do a lot more missionary work than normal and it was great:) We were able to find some really cool people and talk to a lot more in our área.

This weekend the presidente  invited all of the missionaries to go to his house and watch the Sunday sessions of general conference:) Oh boy, it was so much fun!!! We all went to their house at 5 pm so that we could live stream it onto the Merrill's computer which we hooked up to their tv. It was a little crammed in their home, but we made it work. During the 2 hour break we had dinner that was made by all of us.(All of us brought a dish of food per house) And boy do we have some good cooks here in the mission:) há há!  By the the time conference was all done it was around 11 at night. Yes, I will admit I did fall asleep a little:) I am just glad I didn't for too long for fear of snoring:) All of the elders stayed over at presidentes house, the mission office, and at our house. It was sure a blast to hang out with all of the elders.

This morning we all went out to the beach and just played in the sand, playing football and what not:) It was way fun! it is so funny to be able to fit your whole mission into three cars driven by presidente, sister, and myself. há há

This week we had another division with elder Domingos, a mozambican, and elder Chatwin. I got to walk with the black guy:) Elder Domingos is a new elder here in the mission. He got here like 2 months ago, but he doesn't have to learn another language so he is already running on all 4 cylinders. We had a great time teaching together. I always learn so much when I go on divisions!

Anyways sorry I didn't give a whole lot of info, but its all I got:) I love you all so much!!!

Elder wilhelm

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