Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2013

Ola familia!!!

Hey hey!! IT was so great to hear from all of yall today:) Thanks for your letters and such!

Well this week has been we cool! This morning At like 6 Elder Wilson left for the airport and went up to luanda, on monday he will be headed back to the states. I am going to miss him a ton!! I really enjoyed my time working with him!

This past week was kind of a rush and just was really busy with elder wilson going home. We also had several meetings with the elders up in luanda via video conference, and the baptisms and jsut teaching. it was a pretty full week, but i really enjoyed it:)

We had 5 baptims this week from irmao rocks family. They were all his kids in that one picture! ha ha I was looking at his baptismal record and he has at least 17 childeren! ya holy cow!!! but the service went very well and it was a good experience for all of them, including rock and baptising for the first time. There were also like 30 people watching the baptisms! It was so good to see the members coming out to support these converts!!!

So Now we are teaching this really cool guy named Marcos. We didnt find marcos, he found us. two weeks ago marcos showed up to the step of the church with his member brother from the congo wanting to know more about the church. His brother was way inactive, but likes the church, but i am not seen him since. Marcos has been so open to our message and has been coming to every activity that he can at the church! The only thing that is going to hold him from getting baptised soon is that he needs to get marride first, but he has such a strong desire taht i think he will do all he can to get marride! haha not every day that people come and contact us:) haha

Well i love you all so much!!! thankyou for e everthing that yall do for me!! have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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