Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey there everyone!!!

So it was great to hear from you all as usual!!! Mom, Dad and all you sisters down in the valley sound like you had so much fun!!! I can honestly Imagine little Daffy taking a big hug bit out of one of those marsmellow ducks and then just chasing dad and hucking it at him :) Just makes me smile.

So This week was a really cool week. This past Sunday the MTC told us that 3 apostles were coming to talk to the MTC on Easter Sunday!!! It ended up being Elder Packer!!! He was totally awesome and his son was there who is one of the 70's, so that was really cool to get to hear from the two of them together. As for what they said I dont have my notes with me but they mostly talked about the resurection of Christ and His attonment. The sincerity that came out of Elder packer was just amazing.

So guess what?! WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS THIS LAST WEEK!!!! I AM GOING TO ANGOLA BABY!!! My companion and I are headed out on the 19th with elder Tilly from the other district. It was such a relief for us to finally get them and see that our stay at the MTC was almost done. Dont get me wrong, I love it here but I am glad to be done with this point of the mission! We have learned so much here both in language but also in the gospel. It make you feel somewhat prepared to go talk to real people :) Although I think when I get there it will be a totally different story. I will just remember to keep smiling and nodding my head when people talk to me :) So we leave next Thursday and 8 am and won't get there till Saturday!! Isn't that so crazy!!!? My companion and I are already planning on getting out a box at that airport or stand on a seat in London and start preaching to all the people in the airport. Good idea hmmm?

The other two that were in our district are leaving on Monday.. They are so lucky! I am so glad I got stuck with this gorup of guys! They have all been so awesome and we have learned so much from each other. The other two are Elder Polite who is going to Orlando Florida Port. speaking (yes i thought that was very wired when I heard that to) and the other is going to Mozambique and his name is elder Maynez, and he is from Gilbert.

But hey sorry this is all I have time for I love you all so much and have a great week:)

Elder Wilhelm

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