Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey there everyone!!!!

Hows it hanging!! You all probably wont get this till you wake up but is all good. So how is everything going back home!! It sounds like some pretty exciting stuff has been going on over there and I am so excited for you all!! =)

I just wanted to tell you just a little bit about my new companion! He is awesome!!! When I first met him he was kind of quiet but he has really opened up to me. his name is Elder Walker and he is from somewhere is UT. not to sure where though. He is probably one of the more patient people I have ever met (Which is going knowing me right=) But he has help me so much and explains in such a simple way to me and the people we teach. I am pretty excited to be working with him and getting to know him so much better!

But anyways this week has been going great! Angola is actually nothing you like you would think it would be. I know when I looked out the window of the plane I saw one of the bigest cities I have ever seen! It was truely amazing!!! Still havent seen any crazy cool animaly other than a bunch of stray dogs and and few chickens but thats partly because I am like in the center of the city. Its really kind of cool how friendly the people are here and how willing they are to help you with most anything.

For example the first day I was here my companion and I were coming back from an appointment with one of our investigators. When this fella that was probably in his 50s or so walk up to us and asked us which part of town we were headed and he offered to help us(not saying I understood a word of this but my companion explained in a little latter for me =) but anyways he brought us to where all of these big cab/van things were and found the right one for us and we were on our way. I will tell you about the cabs in a bit =) But anyways while we where walking to the cabs we gave him a restoration pamflet and wrote our number on the back and told him to call us if he seemed interested. So we got in the cab and bid farewell to our newly found friend and kind of thought he wouldnt call us or anything but so we get home and then our phone suddenly rings and it was him just making sure we got back home alright! haha ya they are so friendly here. later we called him and made an apointment with him and we will be going there this friday. You could honestly walk up to any person here and just talk to them. Its pretty cool!

Ok so the taxies here. When you need a taxi here you pretty much stand on the side of the road and when one comes by they yell ourt the route that they are headed like the part of town they are going to. and you kind of wave them down if thats the part you want. So when you get in its pretty much a 9 seater van but they make it like a 15 seater =) lets just say no seatblets. So you are ether sitting on someones lap or someone is on you. And when you get to a place you need to get off you just yell out here! and they will almost stop in the middle of the road and you jump out and give the guys your money and you are off on your way. haha ya its crazy because it is how most people around the city get around.

But anyways I love you all so much and thank you for all you letter!

Elder Wilhelm

P.S. The mission pressident said because we have no mail cominging here to us (partly because the lack of addresses) that you can give that email address to others that are not in your family for the time being untill the figure out how to get mail sent over here.

anyways love you all =)

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