Monday, April 30, 2012



Hey fam thankyou so much for all of your letters=) they really make me smill!!!! It sounds like back home is booming with excitment. That is so cool I am so excited for lara and maria! WOW!!! I will be totally be honest and say I never expected them to move there, their going to be a bunch of rednecks!!!

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear kirstennnnnn. happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) I couldnt not tell kirsten hello and not sing to her in front of all of you. now all the people in the internet cafe are looking at me very weird so i dont think i will sing anymore here. haha but happy birthday my favorit sister named kirsten :)

Here in luanda is going so stinken great!!! I really love the people here I dont think there are any other people this friendly in the world. so this week has been a great week with missionary work. If only i could understand what they said:) haha its so cool to see all the miricals that go on the harder you work. when i first got here with my companion he had 3 active investigators and were working with others. but after this week we have recieved 4 more investigators and I will tell you one quick story of what happend yestarday after church. so there was this women that none of us had seen before so my companion and i went up and talked to her she said she was interested in the church and had been to church a few times before and said she wanted to know more. so we asked her when she would have time for us and she said right know if that would be ok. so we broght her into another room where we taught her the whole first lesson and after we dont know quite why but we asked her to be baptised right after we talked about the book of mormon. (she had already read some of it and owned one) she look at us and said I have read this book and I have listened to your words and i feel like a should be baptised!!!! YYYYAAAA!!!!!! We were so pumped and she will be baptised in a month. and this upcoming week we have 2 baptisms we are preparing for.

well anyways i love you all and am so greatfull for you!!!

Elder Wilhelm


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