Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spencer's first post from the MTC 2/21/12

Hey everyone!!!!
I am so Glad to be here at the mtc!! Its been so much fun but just rediculously hard. My companions name is Elder Hanson, he is one of them utah people:) but he still is a great kid and we get along alright. I will tell you I haven't had one moment of boredom. It had been so cool.

The language is so hard for me but I have been trying my hardest. In our first lesson with our "investigator" I was feeling so frustrated because I couldn't tell him anything. Oh gosh I hated it!! Over the last week or so i have been able to understand him more and more but the speaking has been hard for me.

Today we get to go to the temple!!! i am so Freaking excited!! The temple just from the outside just looks so amazing.

Well hey i love you all so much!!

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