Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey everyone!!!
Well this week was so much better now that I kind of got my barings. It really is amazing how fast you can understand things in a different language. It is just the speaking part that will take time but I still love it so much.

So my compaion and I were late to an apointment and we were is such a hurry. So we jumped up, grabed our jackets, and ran out the door. As I put my jacket on it kind of felt a little wired. It was a little tight and the arms were just a little bit short. I just figured that it was just me gaining some wieght and just ignored it. After the lesson the investigator looked at me kind of funny and said "I thought you name was Elder Wilhelm, not Elder Polito..." Oh i was so embarrassed!! Elder Polito is probably about 5 ft. nothing and weighs like 100 pounds. Let's just say the suit was really fitted. When I saw Elder Polito he was wearing my jacket and it look a girl going to prom or something.

So my next blond moment was when I was writing some letters last week. So I wrote 3 letters or so and was glad just to be done with them. The next day when we went to check our mail I got all excited because I got three more letters!!! but then i realized it was my handwriting. haha ya I am an idiot!!

On a better note, we got to go to the temple today and it was just amazing. {As I said last week I was really getting down on myself.} After the session was done and I was in the celestial room I just had an overwhelming feeling of love and confort that I was going to be helped and that our Heavenly Father will help me. The feeling is one I probably could never describe.

Well hey the computer is yelling at me to get off so Ilove you all!!

Elder Wilhelm

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