Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello family!!!


Wow I loving hearing from you all so much!!! Gosh it just helps me so much to get letters from you all. THANKS!!!


Ok so I dont know how long I this letter will be because I am almost out of time but I have just a quick story to write to you all. But first I will tell you what is all going down with transphers!!! drum roll please........ I AM STAYING ha ha but thats not all I am recieving a new companion! I am super excited to work with Elder Eckmen, my new comp. He is probably just as much of a nerd as I am with music and hunting and stuff haha so I think we will get along great!


So this week at our branch we had a little visiter. No it wasnt an investigator or a member or any general authority. On monday night after a family night that us missionaries were hosting in the chaple a burgerler or however you spell it broke into the chaple. It happened long after we had gone so dont be worryied or anything, but what he had done was jump over the wall that surounds the church. On the front door of the church he had torne up some metal bars so he was able to slip under and get in. The first night on monday he took and amplifier for our speaker system. he came back two nights later and stole a few other things to. ha ha it was an interesting week. The amazing thing is we got the majority of it back. I dont have enought time to tell how that happened so untill next week ya:)


Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Wilhelm


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