Monday, October 15, 2012


Dear family

boa tarde familia!!! Wow I just love hearing from you every week. It just lifts up my spirits and jsut makes me want to work even harder. Thankyou so much:) That is so wierd I will be coming home to a new house and to a new niece and to everyone there in good ol saint johns! Wow that will be cool!!!!

So this week not just a ton happen. It feels like for the past few weeks I have had a story or somthing to tell yall but really it was kind of a boring week:) So I will go ahead and answere a few questions that some of you have had since I have been here about the food country and the people.

Starting off with the food:) ha ha this is probably my favorit part to talk about with some people! I will explain it in a list. So so far I have eaten cow tun, cow heart, cow liver, chicken heart and liver. There have also been some very scetchy seafood just to add to the record:) I will be totally honest and say that I loved the heart and the liver from the cow and the chicken but the tun had just the wierdest tecture to it that made it so hard to eat for me. Angola also has a few staple foods, my favorit being funge:) Funge looks exactly like mashed poatatos. but it is mashed potatos gone horriblely wrong!!! It has hardly any tast to it but If i could give it a tast it would be glue:) The the tecture of it is just wierd I have never had anything like it before. I actually like it:) kind of. It depends on who makes it and what you eat it with.

So the people are black... ha ha but some of the nicest people I have ever met. These people are so ready for the message of the restoration it is incredible. The way we have found most of our people has just been through contacting on the road. We love references from the branch but usually they run out of references super soon. They way we contact though is a little bit more different compared to most missions though which was just changed recently by our mission president. Before we would talk to everyone men women and childeren to try and get contacts. There is a slight flaw with that that our president found. Most people when they enter into the church as the only one in there families have a greater chance of falling into inactivity. But now what our president says is to baptise as much and more as long as we are looking for families. So we started looking for people that we call "quallified contacts" First it must be a man who is married on the record is over the age of 25 and wants to here our message. The progression we have seen here in our mission has been enormous. This past month we had more baptisms then ever combined with mozambique. Over 80 people were baptised and about 45 of those were from angola!

Here in angola we have about 30 missionaries but by the end of the year we should have around 40! In june is the projected date for us to become our own mission. We are still a very new mission but it is growing so fast! The information we have gotten from the district here in angola is they will be opening atleast 2 more branches here within 4 months. The plan is hopfully to have a stake in a year or more! Oh this place is just exploding and I am so excited to be a part of it here.

So we will be haveing transfers next week. I am not sure if i will find out before I email next time or anything but who knows I would be happy either way to leave this branch or to stay here:) But i will let yall know next week. I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

P.S. Dad did you get to go on your huntting trip?


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