Monday, November 5, 2012


ola minha querida familia!!!

Hey yall!!! I totally lost track of time and didn't realize that Karen was almost done with her mission! Wow, that is so crazy!!! It feels like she just left! and Sean to only has what??? 3 days left! That is truly amazing to think that they are all going to be home soon, then Alec aint't far behind that! It makes me so happy to hear from you all. Thanks so much for the letter and your support.

So this week in the mission has been absolutely one of my favorite weeks of my mission! So as you all know we had our transfer calls last week over email and now I am here in Luaanda 1 C with elder Eckman! I can tell this transfer will be one of my favorits! Elder Eckman and I probably have the closest work ethic on the mission, making it supper easy to get along and to get a ton of work done. This week has been a huge building week for us. The whole configuration of this area is changing for the better. I will admit the work is 10 times harder but the work is far more fulfilling. We have been doing so many contacts and in this week alone we have gotten 3 baptismal dates! Elder Eckman is a lot more experienced as a missionary and in the language especially, so it is extremely nice to have him as a resource to study and what not.

Ok so to finnish up the story from last week. So I already explained how the chapel got robed and what he took so now I need to tell you how we got some of the stuff back. So we have this investigator that lives right next to the chaple. His name is Hipilito's. I have already talked about him awhile back. On the second return of the robber, Hipilito had heard somthing in the middle of the night like around 2 or something like that. So he went out side and saw this guy jump into his yard from the chapel and instantly he knew what it was because we had told him. So he went over and grab the robber and took the one of the speakers from him! ha ha Hipolito is a huge guy so he can handle himself and us missionaries. He was only able to get one speaker from but we are thankfull he got it.
We also got our amplifier back by some miracle too. The president of the branch was walking home from work one day and suddenly he felt a strong feeling to enter into an electric store that was on his way home so he did so. As soon as he entered there sitting on the floor was the amplifier. So he talked to the store owner and he let president take it back to the chapel without any cost! It was just such a miricle because that weekend we were going to watch general conference and we would have had no way to watch it.. It is just so interesting how the Lord's works to bring to pass his will.

So that same Hipilito has a baptismal date for the 12th of November. So here in not to long, we will have a baptism! I am so excited for him. He is one of the most prepared people i know. The other two were with Irmão lourenso and his wife Veronica. They made a commitment to get married in December so that they could get all the money together and what not and they will be baptized in January! I am convinced that Lourenso will be the the first patriarch here in Angola:)

Well hey yall I love you so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm


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