Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear family,

Wow I really like hearing from you all thanks so much!:) It sounds like things are in full swing with yall and everyone is happy! By the way mom I really with I could have heard you speak! I bet it was so good!

Boy have I got some news for all of you, hahaha! UMMM this is going to a little wierd to explain to I will just say it. So...... I got robed again:) haha Dont anyone freak out or nothing I am totally fine and so is my companion. What happed was we had just gotten out of our last lesson with a less active member named Adilson. We were just walking down this road that was fairly well lit up and a few people around, when all of the sudden 5 or 6 guys came up to us, one with a pistol, saying "da tudo!" holding the pistol sideways like a gangster haha. Once again like the last time the calmness came to me and my companion and we gave them everything while one was pointing a pistol and the other searching our pockets. The spirit just has such a wired way with working in those situations. I feel very blessed and loved by my Father in Heaven for wispering in my ears to keep me calm. In total they got 1 Livro de mormon, some pamphlets and like 5 dollars from me, but gosh dangit I need to go and buy another bag! Really we are fine and nothing happened to us, it was just a little annoying.

So other than that this, it was a very uneventful week. A few days ago we had a zone conference on how to manage our stress and how to deal with it. It was such a cool conference because a man came a spoke to us. I dont know his full name but Elder Hartman. Elder Hartman is a big time psychiatrist that made this thing called the Hartman chart which puts people into 4 different groups based on their personality. It was so cool he had so many insights for us and how we can be better missionaries as well as people. The color personality that I am is a blue with and accent of white:) I dont know if that will mean anythign to anybody:) haha And we also had our mission president from Mozambique come over and speak to us. I loved every min of it. The Lord really does answer our prays through our leaders and other people!

Oh and I have kind of a funny story for you all:) So the same day that we got robbed, we went to go see Hipolito. He is the one that lives over by the church. So Hipolito has a parrot that we allways play a little bit with before our lessons. We had our fun with it so we put it back in its cage so we can start the lesson. We all sat down to say a prayer and the dang thing comes out in the middle of the prayer and starts bitting at my shoelasses jumping up and down squaking:) haha Hipolito Started yelling, "get back in your cage you dang bird" and started chassing it around with the book of mormon pushing it back in its cage. That bird was squakin up a storm:) haha that was by far my favorite interruption I have had out on my mission:)

Well I love you all so much and I just want you all to know that I know God loves us all and he will help us with anything in this life as long as we are worthy to have his holy messenger with us at all time. I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm


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