Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey how goes it family!!!


Wow so this week was some of the most progress I have ever seen with all of the people we are teaching. I will just paste my letter I wrote to the president because it pretty much explains all that is going on with them.


President Walton,


This up coming week we do not have any investigators getting baptised but now we have two that are preparing to enter into the waters of baptism. The firsts name is Jendira. Jandira has been investigating the church for a while and only yestarday did she finally feel ready to take the step towards baptism. For a while we werent able to get over to her house because she has both school and work and has a really hard time finding other time, but she was able to come up with a time to be able sit with with us which is once a week on saturdays. Anyways we were talking with her and we had a feeling to ask her if she felt ready for baptism and she said she was so she picked a date and the date is the 9th of this next coming month.


The next investigator with a baptismal date is Eva. Evas baptismal date is about a month from now and we will see about her. she finally decided to get baptised because an even that happened in her life. She had gone to the doctor for a cancer test and was super scared about it. When it was all said and done she didnt have cancer but we could tell she was a little shooken up about the whole experience but she started to realize what was important in life. The only problem is we think she has a huge problem with drinking. Our next step with her is to help her quite drinking.


We also have had some amazing improvement with one of our Less Actives. His name is lirio and we were finally able to get him to go to church. He also brought a friend of his that we are also teaching. He is finnally starting to realize the impact he can have in other peoples lives.

The end :)


Ya I just added that last part "the end :)" I would never write that to president. haha but man one thing that I forgot to write in my last letter was that we have recieve 9 new investigators! 7 of them are related to a member in the church which is very helpful so there relitive can sit in with us. SSOOOOO EEXXCCITTEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!


Ok so just a quite story before I have to get going. So yestarday we were at an investigators house. Their names are claudio and genine. It is nothing with the lesson or anything no of couse not that went great but after wards they always give us a little snake like some juice and crackers or somthing. THIS time they pulled out these 5 big crabs that had probably been taken out of the ocean only a few hours before. Me never haveing eaten crab before kind of just stood there and looked at what lay before me wondering with my mouth half open how in the world to eat in. I mean I have eaten crab before but the meat was already out of the crab. So anyways The woman, Genine, grabs off one of the legs and hands it to me trying to descibe how to eat it. so I take it and kind of just sucked on it not having any idea. She then grabs another trying to show me by example, and starts chewing on it. Or so i thought. So I comenced to start to chew up the shell and all.... bad idea. haha to say the least I was lucky that crab didnt come out a hundered miles an hour landing on Genine. After I saw her finally take the crab leg out of her mouth I felt like an idiot. It wasnt chewed up or anything. What she had done was she worked the meat that was inside the leg with her teethout the the open end where it was broken off. WOW ya I felt a little stupid after that. Once I finally learned how to do it after some trial and error I finally got it!!! I will say that crab has been one of my favorit foods here so far!!!!


haha well hey fam love you lots and have a great week!!! stay beutiful!!!~


Elder Wilhelm


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