Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hey family!!


Hey sorry I wasnt able to write on monday. We had some lessons a little bit earlier so we didnt have much time. so we are just doing our emails now.


Just wanted to say to allyall i got to talk to THANKS!!!! It was great to see you all and someone has got to tell me if mom cried after to find out if my impressions were right:) haha sorry mom. But you are look great and thoughs kids are getting so big it is crazy!!


Ok anyways so this week in Angola was just amazing!!! This past week we had a lesson with a new investigator. We got the reference through her sister who is a memeber of the chuch. The investigators name is Irmã Paula. She is an older lady and she has about 8 kids and most of them live with her. (her kids rang from 20 to 33 or so) we are so excited to start teaching her and her family!


but anyways i need to get get and i love you all so much!!!


Elder wilhelm



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