Monday, July 16, 2012


Querida familia

Hey whats up family!? Sounds like you guys have had a wonderful week. Not  just too much confussion so thats good! Things here are going just absolutely great!

This week was really an interesting week. At times it felt like we were pushing on brick walls and others it felt like we got the wall to go an inch or two ha ha!  During this week we droped two people and another told us that he just wasn't interested right now. Its really sad to see these things happen. The guy that told us he wasn't that interested we had some high hopes for. It gets frustrating sometimes just working with someone and then something like that happens and it's over. I really loved those people this week. All I can do now is just hope and pray they read that wonderful book. the book of Mormon. We also made some amazing progress with a few of our investigators as well. This week has just had it all sky high and lows of lows, but we go on doing our best. Hey sorry I need to get going my time is getting close to being out. I love you all so much and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

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