Monday, July 9, 2012


Dear family,

Wow this past week sounds like it been a crazy week for you guys! man I bet it is so fun for you guys and all those kids. I cant believe Camille is already married!!! Holy crap that is crazy! That didn't just take too long. Give a girl a little time at college and look at what happens:) ha ha thats so awesome though!!!

If I didnt say this past week was a strange week I would be lieing though my teeth. Having the two areas was actually a lot of fun. Because we got to know some more people in our branch and all their investigators in their area! They have some pretty awesome people but I think ours are better:) ha ha!  With the two areas it has really has been a little confussion with scheduling apointments and what not, but we were able to talk another ward missionary to walk with elder Perry. He didn't say how long he would be able to walk with him but hey if its only for a few days.  I will take it. That way we can focus more on our area again.

Well It was time to say goodbye to our mission president, president Walton:( It was a really bitter sweet moment to see them go. Bitter for two thing. 1st because I love them so much they were some of the hardest workers you would ever meet. and 2nd they totally bragged about all the fun stuff they were going to go do when they went back! What jerks hahaha, but we are happy for them to finally get a break. They really worked their fingers to the bone. So right now all the missionaries in Angolaa are running around with our heads chopped off because our new mission president still hasn't arived yet. His date isn't untill like next Saturday to arrive, but he is also having so problems with his visa just like the other elders in the mtc. So please keep them in your prayers:)

mas vida ta boĆ£ aqui!!! Tambam FELIZ ANIVERSARIO MA MA!!!!!

Well Hey i love you guys so much and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

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