Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey fam!!!

This week was kind of a different week here in Angola, but just amazing!

One thing I should probably explain is what happened with transfers last week for cassquell. No surprise,  my companion and I are staying together for at least one more transfer to finish up training. But the other two missionaries in our house had a change. We had to say goodbye to our good friend Elder Hobbs, he went to a place called Terra Nova. The Elder that was supposed to come take his place is still at the mtc having difficulties getting a visa to Angola. So Elder Perry was without a companion. Luckily, president told us so a ward missionary was be coming to take his place for just a little while and he would live with us just like normal missionary. The branch missionarys name is Adão. Adão is preparing to serve a mission in cape verde with no training before hand:) to say the least it was a super fun learning and teaching experience with him in the house. The thing is he had to leave on Sunday because he had some family things he needed to go work out and he will be starting a job today!  We were so happy for him because he wasnt quite sure how he was going to pay for his mission:) So with him gone that leaves one thing left for us missionaries to do. Tripla!! Elder Perry came into our companionship and we are joining our areas for the time being. We can tell with the two areas we are going to be going pretty crazy with appointments but it should be very rewarding.

Anyways I love you all and have an amazing 4th of JULY!!!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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