Monday, July 30, 2012


Dear family!!

VACA SANTO!!!!! Voces vão mudar!!!! That is just crazy!!!!! Sheee I wasnt expecting that letter:) that sounds like a super exciting time for all yall back at home. That is a very nice home as I remember. ha ha Well have fun moving:) Thank you all for your letter it's always great to hear from you all:)

So the results came in for this next transfer. What  is going to happen is I will be going to a place called Luanda 1 Which is about 20 min. away from cassquell!!! We totally weren't expecting that because the plan was for all of us that are already in cassquell to train the next people about the area for a transfer. Very unexpected! Yet so exciting!!! My companion will be elder Kearney, who has been here since Dec.!!! It will be a ton of fun because he and I are opening up the new area there in Luanda 1. The best part is we will go live in the old cassquell house because there isn't enough room in the Luanda house for another dupla. So we will see how this transfer goes. We still haven't heard any word about the presidents visa but hopfully next week!

So this week went pretty good. We took a lot of time this week on finding old members of the church. Salt Lake had sent us a list of about 47 names to find in cassquell. All these people are members of the church who had moved here without knowledge of the church being here. So we went traking them down. It was truly amazing to actually be able to find people on acount that there are practicly no street names but its all good:)

Well Hey I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

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