Monday, August 27, 2012


Ola bom dia familia!!!

Hey family!!! I love hearing from all of you and thank you so much mom and dad for the bragging about diving and what not. What a couple of jerks:)

So this we was loads better than last week. We have seen so much more progression with some of our investigators. FFFIINNNAAALLLYYYY!!!!! In responce to your question mom (do we have baptisms every week). No. As much as I love the people here some of them are more hard headed than a cow who doesnt want to come out the hay field. ha ha. As a mission yes we do see baptisms every week, which is just awesome!!!

I will admite part of it is probably to the fact that Elder kearney and I havent been speeking the language as long as everybody else. We are probably the youngest dupla on the mission right now. But because of that same thing we have probably grown more in this one transfer than we did in every other transfer. Taking two things into mind especially. The first being the language and the second being in a brand new area where there where hardly any investigators for us to start off with. I can see it in Elder Kearney and I that.... We are pretty much awesome! :) I have improved so much more language wise and so has Elder Kearney.

So this week we got to go to an orfanige as a district service project. It was so freakin fun to go and sing and play with all of them!!! Half way though we all went out side and played a game called garrafinha. Which include a ball and two 1leter bottles:) I will teach you all how to play it in about a year and a half, after I finish my sisters mission:) ha ha We also met this kid that was about 16 years old that can draw some of the most amazing things I have ever seen! So the next time we go there I will probably buy one from him. This will start being a weekly thing for us so we are so excited:) Now we will start teaching all the kids things like hinos and things like that.

Yestarday I think we found one of the most humbled people I have ever seen in my life. So after church yestarday we went over to our districts leader house for lunch because we didnt want to go all the way back to our house. So we got to talking and he had recieved a contact in our area so he past it off to us and we gave her a call. On the phone we could hear a baby crying in the backround and she sounded pretty tired. She said we could go over so we headed over to her house to just go get to know her. We got there and we she open the door we saw this little room about 8 ft by 8ft with a tin roof, she had the baby in her arms that was still crying. She invited us in and just as we were walking into her casa we saw her leg that was deformed so she walked with a pretty bad limp. The moment we started speaking the baby got quiet and went to sleep. We got to know a little bit about her background with religion and with life. She had had the baby a month ago and her husband had left her and the baby about a week ago. She was worried lonly and scared. Then we started to talk about Jesus Christ. The spirit fludded into the room as we talked about the gosple of Jesus Christ and how in can fill that void of lonliness. It was just absolutly amazing.

Well hey fam I love you so much and I hope you all a wonderful week without our lazy parents out in cozemel:)

Elder Wilhlem


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