Monday, August 20, 2012



Hey fam whats up?!!!! Holy cow i totally for got how much time karen and sean have left! that is so crazy!!! Gosh they are going to be home before you know it! Elder Sean Bast has less weeks than i have months! :) wow that is just so crazy to think about. And karen only has just a few months left herself. wow that is just crazy.

Sounds like everything is going good back home with all you wonderful folk. Now that summer is over and it is back to school what are you all going to do? Time has just flown by. I just cant believe it!

So this week has been an interesting week for us. It just seemed that everything was turning against us in a way. We would jsut have some amazing days planned out and then.... no one would be home, not answering there phones, or their dog died. ugh It almost felt like one step forward and about twenty steps back. hmmm. This week we are thinking about just doing a finding week and just contacting a tun of new people. ha ha going into a new area is interesting to say the least.

We still have a few really solid investigators. So far this week we have one person with a baptismal date and by the end of this week we would like to have another 2 or 3. We will see how everything plays out after this week. Hopfully before the end of this week we will be able to have a few meetings with the president of the branch to trying and get some more support from the branch. ha ha ya we will be kind of busy this week:) I like being busy or else I just go crazy.

Elder Wilhelm


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