Monday, September 10, 2012


Ola minha familia!!!!

Hey everyone whats hanggin!!!! KIRSTEN!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE HAVE THE BABY RIGHT KNOW AS WE SPEAK!!!!! THATS SOOO COOOL and kind of wierd to think about at the same time:) super excited to meet her in a year and a half! and you wonderful parents of mine that are moving I feel like the same thing that happened in RM is happening to me:) parents moving selling the truck! What next... are you going to get a forein exchange student from tonga!!! If so that would be pretty cool:)

So this week has been just an awesome week. Kind of another short one because of a few things. First there was another 70 that came and talked with us. This time it was for the missionaries themselves. So we did an all day training and at the end we all were able to have an interview with him! It was really cool! Pretty much was just seeing how all the missionaries are doing.

So do you remember that woman I told you about 2 weeks ago. She is still doing great but this week she gave us 2 references. The first was pretty much the rest of her family which like included a billion people in it that are probably some of the funnest people I have ever met. They reminded me a lot of all of my wonderful sisters:) And the other reference was her niebhoors who were asking about us. That family was a family of 6 including a mother and father (who are married!!!!) 2 sons and 2 dauters all just a little bit older in age as in 16 to 25! It was so awesome to get these two families. Even if the woman with the child doesnt work out she still has done so much to help the missionaries. It just kind of spider webbed out:)

By the way mom and dad I got my camera today so I will finally be able to take pictures!!!! finally:) So in the next month or so I will try and send some pictures back to you wonderful people:) By the way you all gotta let me know did they really make another Lé Mis movie! If so that is so sick! ha ah anyways I freaking love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week:) good luck Kirsty!!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

P.S. Transfers will be happening this week I will let you know how they go next week, but I am farly sure elder kearney and i will stay together.


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