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Wow I didnt realize my email didnt get sent off last week... sorry I will tell you it was probably the better email of my mission:) haha jk. But really sorry the email didnt get sent, their must have been an erro com the internet when I sent it. but all is well. It sounds like things are about to nose dive into changes for all of you back home! that is so exciting! I will tell you that it will be so much fun to come home and to see all of the changes:) I am not even half way out and look what you people decided to do without me:) I am actually kind of gratfull in some ways because i wont have to hall all of the stupid food storage down the stairs into a truck... That dads job now:) ha ha

Because I "missed" last week I will give you the down low with what all happened. So last week I had gotten pretty sick with a fever. My tempeture had shotten up to about 101.8 when I had checked it finally. I had been ignoring the simptoms the first few days because i just wanted to keep going but finally I was just have a horrible head ache and president and sister tompson had seen me at our branch and told me to get some rest. When I got home that night my tempiture had shot up to 101.8:) ha ha ya that sucked. But My companion had some awsome soup and I jumped into bed and by the next morning my tempiture was back to normal:) thank goodness for the Waglands and their kindness to give me some chicken nood soup. They rock! This past week I also tried to tell you about the baptism that we had on satarday:) But I will tell you a little bit more about that a little latter. But last week was an amazing week with tons of work to do. The difference between our area now and what it was is just amazing. The beginning we only had about 6 houses to get viset and half were members. Now from what me and my companion had figured out we have 17 houses of investigators that we need to go viset and another 15 members that are less actives to go viset. Ya our area is just booming now:) It make me so happy. There really isnt much time to viset everyone anymore. it is so awesome. It really has helped make the time just fly by.

But is what happened this week was just awesome because we finally got to see a person get baptised! So The guys names in Edvanio. He is about 20 years old and just has the biggest heart I have ever seen:) The day that he was baptised in all of luanda we have about 16 people getting baptised!! It was so crazy they have never seen that many here in one week before:) This place is really starting to boom with excitment. But anyways There is only one baptismal fount in all of the branches so we all had our services together. It was so big that we couldnt fit everybody inside of the baptismal room that we have do go up stairs to the chaple to here the talks and what not. I freakin loved it so much:) Probably one of the best things I have seen on my mission was all of those people dressed in white and supper excited to make a covinent with God. WOW!!! Then the next day When edvanio recieved the gift of the holy ghost 5 other people recieved it as well. It has been an amazing few days.:) I went and talked to him after and He just looked at me and said he has never been so happy in his life... just such a powerful experience to have had the opprotunity to teach him.

In another two weeks on the 6th we have a baptismal date with a 25 year old man named eskinder. Eskinder if from ethiopia so he doesnt speak portugese very well. All of the lessons with him have been in english. Which is really wiered to do now, a lot of time a portugese word will just pop out haha. He is probably one of the most prepared people I have ever seen. His love for the savior goes beound words. And with that love come his love for his family which is still in ethiopia. He is here in angola working for a company, but he just sends all of his money home to his family to suport them. It is just trully amazing to see the spirit work with him to help him understand all the principles of the gosple.

We have a few other investigators that are just amazing ones name is Hipolito. He is about 26 and probably one of the strongest both phisically and spiritually that I have ever seen! He has already read all of the bible so he knows a lot about religion. And he is super excited to be reading from another book of scripture to. This week we had a discusion about the plan of salvation, and after we had gotten done he just looked at us and he said wow during this lesson I felt and amazing urge to continue studing with you. After which he gave us the three days of the week he would like to study with us and all the times:) ha ha Ya he is just such an amazing guy.

Sorry I feel like I have jsut been blabing on about my investigators:) ha ha Anyways I love you all so much and it is always amazing to here from you all:) TEM UMA BOA SEMANA!!!!!!!

Elder Wilhelm


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