Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 28, 2013

Dear family

Thanks you all so much for the happy birthday wishing:) it makes me
feel so good to hear from all ya'll:) You guys rock!!!! Sounds like good
ol SJ is becoming an iceberg. I love the snow:) I probably won't see it
for a while though:) haha but thats just fine with me.

This past week was WORK WORK AND MORE WORK!!! haha Elder Dredge and I
are changing the area up and dropping a ton of people that are not
progressing. Because of this we had to find some willing people.
Naturally we tried resorting back to the ward to receive references
but we don't have that many people meaning... CONTACTING!!!! I don't
believe I have done so much contacting and beating on doors in my
life. I counted it up between elder Dredge's planner and mine, we have
the numbers of 113 people. How many of those are in our area? Around
the ball park of 54. How many were families and wanted to hear from
our message? Well not to many to say the least:) something like 3 or 4
people. haha a lot of work for 4 people, but it was so worth it. The
Lord has truly blessed us with finding these people. This week we are
going to be doing quite a bit more, but hopefully more teaching than
anything. fingers crossed:)

So as much as I don't like people to celebrate my birthday a few people
regrettably remembered... At the end of church outside we were talking
to a few members trying to get people to walk with us this week when
all of the sudden a couple of people starting to sing happy birthday..
pretty soon most everyone in the area started singing, even passer
bys. haha I love Angolans:) they are so nice. I am just happy not a
whole lot more happened:) Tonight we have a family night with the
people that started the singing. I hope the end of my torment is
over... haha

Edson is rocking fyi!! He is just sucking everything in like a
sponge!!! Hopefully this week we will be able to start talking to the
rest of his family too.  From last week he already read 7 chapters in
the Book of Mormon!!! I am so excited for him! It is so cool to see
the changes happening within his life. He is just more happy to put
it frankly.

Well anyways I love you all so much!!! I hope you all have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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