Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21, 2013

Dear family,

Hey whats haggin back home!? Thanks for all the letters this week:)
They really helped a lot. It sounds like everything back home is just
going crazy!! Mom and Dad you guys are just exploding in your callings.
It is so cool. First you just had to get ride of the two brats living
with ya:)

Wow what a week! It was just a little bit different to say the least
with a new missionary with me. ha ha It has been awesome though. Elder
Dredge is probably one of the most exited people about the work that I
have seen! His enthusiasm is contagious as we talk about our area. I
am very excited to work with him further. He is from Morgan, Utah, if
anyone knows where that is. It's really funny, I was just thinking about
it the other day, but every single one of my companions have been from
Utah. haha oh well:)

So this week we got a ton of work done. Elder Dredge is speaking 10
times better than I was when I got here. He still is having
difficulties speaking and understanding but every time I hear his
testimony I can feel what he knows is true. I have also been having
to speak a lot because of this. ha It has been pretty interesting
teaching. Its really funny to see him get used to teaching because I
was exactly the same. We will be going in the lesson and when it is
his turn to speak he kind of looks and asks "whats next?" haha
It is a lot of fun teaching with him though.

During this past week we have been finding people right and left.
Yesterday we had a lesson with somebody that was a reference from a
member. We talked about the restoration and he loved it!!! His name is
Edson. After the lesson was almost over he asked me If baptism was
necessary to enter into the kingdom of God. The spirit was so strong
and he understood everything perfectly. Elder Dredge invited him to
baptism and he accepted it!! Edson was way excited! We have had quite
a few similar experiences like that during this week. Its been

Well I love you all and Thanks for all that you do for me! Have a great week:)

Elder Wilhelm

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