Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Dear fam

Well it sounds like it has been quite a week back home. I will pray
for you all and I really do think everything will work out alright.
But it was great to hear from all of you:) thanks for all the

Well my week was different to say the least:) This past
week had a district conference where a general authority presided. Yes
we had the all famous Elder Cook:) It was so amazing!!! FYI I do not
mean the Elder Cook of the 12... I mean from the quorum of the 70:)
He met with the missionaries separately on Friday during our
mission conference. Wow what an inspired man. I believe every single
thing he had said was not a repeat from past conferences he has had.
He didn't just get up and preach to us either. He got up and conversed
with us with during a discussion for several hours. I am so thankful he
came, his words were were comforting and reassuring. It made me
realize this is the Lords work and he will never let it fall. So I
shouldn't worry about what will happens with the Lords kingdom and just
focus on doing my part to help grow and establish it. Then it will
increase at a much rapid pace. I am so thankful for this church in my
life. There is not a thing in this world or out that could take me
from this gospel. This work will grow far faster or stronger than any of us
can imagine.

Ummmm:) one more thing I wanted to let you know:) I don't know if
president Kretley,, Thompson, or elder Cook told you yet, but... On
Saturday night after finishing an amazing priesthood session with
Elder Cook, my companion and I were making our way home.  We got off a
taxi and started walking over this bridge. As we were coming down on
the other side and departing from the bridge somebody (by accident or
not I don't know:)) dropped a frame from a generator off of the second
platform. You all knowing my luck with things like this:) It came
crashing down on my head. haha Ya, I must be the elder with the worst
luck out here in Angola, perhaps the world:) I didn't pass out or
anything but it left me with a pretty big bump on my head and 5
stitches. haha Ya I am an idiot:)

Well I love you all so much and I hope everything works out back home.

Elder Wilhelm

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