Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 18, 2013

Dear fam! (and anyone that wants to be included)

Good afternoon!! Thank you all so much for the letters this week. It is
always so great to hear from you and I can really feel your support.

Ha ha sorry mom and dad for the story:) it really wasn't a big deal. I
already got the stitches out and everything. It wasn't that big of a
deal. When it hit I didn't fall down or pass out or anything like that.
so don't worry about it:)

This week was a great week again here in the mission! It is true that
I did hit my year mark, but not yet the hump:) remember I did extend!
so I still have just a little bit more than a year left!!! haha This
year has been a very eventful little one. One that i shall not
forget. It has been filled with just strait joy:) and to recognize
that joy we need to know the bad (hence the generator). I am quite
excited to see what the Lord has in store for me during this next
year:) oh what an adventure.

So our investigators are doing great! We had 3 baptismal dates set for
this Saturday but 2 of them will be delayed until the 9th of March.
The one that is getting baptized is Edson!!!! Wow he is probably one of
the most prepared people I have ever met! I was able to be at his
interview with elder kealsey(that is the marine guy). He met all the
requirements of baptism easily! So we are extremely excited for him. The
two that got delayed were Alex and Erickson, But it is ok. They both
have an extreme desire to be baptized. There is no doubt in my mind
whether they will be baptized or not. We are actually going to talking
to Alex's dad for the first time ever. I am way excited he seems like a
really nice guy.

This week seemed to be a really slow week but extremely blessed. We
had a ton of dropped appointments during this past week but it all
worked out and found some amazing families!!! After Sunday, a man just
came up to us after his first time visiting the church and said "I
really like this church. How can I learn more":) the Lord is truly
watching over us and blessing us with a lot of people.

Well I don't have a whole lot more but I love you all so much and have
a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

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