Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

Ola familia!!!!!

I am so excited for Maria and Lara!!! We will see who pops first:) Has there already been names picked out and what not? Thanks for the letters! You guys rock!!!

Well our week seemed to go kind of slow, but I can't complain I didn't have anything fall on top of my head:) This up coming week there are going to be a few changes here in the mission and I am way pumped!!! 2 of my past companions (Elder Harper and Eckman) and a few others will be taking off this week... It is so weird to think that they are going to be leaving. They have been here for my whole mission its going to be like have a part takin out of me! ha ha They all seem so pumped. We will also be receiving our Mission President on Saturday!!!!! Really early in the morning... ha ha. He will be flying in at 4 or 5 and elder mariquele and I will be going to go and pick him up. I am so excited that he is finally getting here!!!! Man it will be so awesome to just have a mission president stay with us in the country that has all of the keys. After he gets here we will have a zone conference here in Luanda, and probably travel out to the providences to visit the missionaries out there.

This week we also had our TRANSFERS!!!! I had almost forgot to write about it:) haha so surprise surprise I am staying with elder Maruquele!!! WE are still pumped to work together, but there we quite a few transfers that were rather interesting to say the least. ha but all the missionaries seem happy and ready to get their pres.

Last monday after I had written you Elder Mariquele and I went back to our house and we had a barbecue with all the elders in our house and with a couple of others that lived near by. It was kind of a saying "goodbye" to elder Harper type thing for us missionaries. While Elder Harper and I were cookin on the grill, Elder Mariquele started yelling "look what I found!!" As we looked around to our surprise there was Elder Mariquele holding an IPad in his hands with a grin that stretched from one side of his face to the other! We asked him were he had found it. He replied that he had found it in the garden(we have a small 10 by 10 ft. patch of dirt) half buried underneath the ground.
The IPad was way dirty and who knows how long it had been there. The back of it was a little bent up and the whole thing was just covered in dirt. It appeared that it didn't work. So we all took some pictures with it and then Elder Tingey, one of our roommates, grabbed a cloth and wiped off all of the dirt. With the dirt not on it the screen looked nice, as if it might still work. So we decided to just see if it worked and put it on the charger. As soon as we put the cord in this little battery popped up and it started charging!!! ha ha Elder Mariquele freaked out!!! ha ha So ya we found an IPad in the garden. Who would have thought. On the iPad there was an email account. We gave it to one of the Couple missionaries and they sent an email to see if they could find the owner.

We also had a really cool lesson with that guy named Jose. We decided to bring our branch president with us so that they could get aquatinted and invite Jose and his wife to come to church. The lesson was amazing!!! President Kiami has such a strong testimony and at the end, Jose was just dumb founded! He was so excited to learn more and it was just what he needed. At the end he said "I really want to help you guys out! I just felt something so different and I really liked it. I would like to help pay for your taxis." Then he took off to his car before we could say a word. He came back and handed me an american 100 dollar bill. I was so surprised and kind of confused. Politely I told him that as missionaries we could not except money from other people and I handed it back to him. It was so crazy I never had anything like that happen before!!! He kind of argued about it, but in the end he took it back and gave us all some water. ha ha It was so funny!!!

Well I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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