Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Ola família!!!!

Hey y'all!!! Thanks for the letters this week sounds like all going well back home and that we should be expecting a few new members of the family pretty quick here:) há há I am so excited!!!

Our week here was just great. We had quite a few meetings and some divisions going on. First we had a training on Friday with all of the zone and district leaders. We invited Elder Eckman, one of my past companions, to give a training on how to run a district meeting. Elder Eckman is such a genius!! He stinkin rocked. Then Elder Harper and Hobbs gave a training on how to work with members for effectively. After them Mariquele and I gave a small training on how to help the missionaries achieve their goal.  After, we kind of opened it up to discussion to find out some more ideas and concerns. The missionaries really opened up and got some cool ideas of what we should do to help the mission grow. The idea discussed the most was a training for the missionaries on how to contact. I was baffled that they would say that! Then after the meeting I went on a division with elder Tilley in my área. Elder Tilley is such a versatile  missionary, and has so many ideas to help the mission grow and move forward. That night he and I had a brain storm about the training and what else we could do. We came up with some pretty sweet ideas that don't just include contacting, but also receiving references and such.

Sorry I was kind of writing fast.  That's why all that ideas are all jumbled up:) haha but I love you all so much and hope you have a great week.

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