Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Ola Querida familia!!!!

Muito obrigado pelas cartas eu agradeco muito. You Rock so Much thanks so much for the letters. I love hearing from you all so much! You make my week:) Its good to hear karen is reunited with her hubby and mom and dad are almost home from their long journey with her.

So this week was for once a pretty normal week!! finally!!! On Tues. president left and we are now all left alone here in Angola to fend from ourselves, but we have a few couple missionaries that are serving here with us helping us out for the next three weeks. Man are week excited to receive president Merrill though! It will make things so much easier and there will not be any confusion as to what we are supposed to be doing.

We were able to focus on our area more during the past week, and boy did it feel good to just focus on that and not a whole lot else!! We still did have a few meetings but not like we did last week. Our area was suffering a little because of the lack of about a week, but with all the contacting and teaching this week it is getting better. We found some really cool families and hope to be able to sit with them this next week. One guy that was just driving down this dirt road suddenly halted his brakes and stopped to ask us if we were students or missionaries. When we told him we were missionaries he got excited and started to insist on us coming to his house at that instant. We told him that we didn't have a whole lot of time but he kept on persisting "It will only be a few min. I have always wanted to talk to you but never had the chance!" So we gave in and followed him back home. Wow he was so cool!! He has a wife kids and is actually married!! Who would have thought:) so we are going to be going back on Wed. to speak with him and all the family. By the way his name is Jose:)

We also had another really cool experience with on of our investigators named Rita. Rita has 5 children ranging from 20 to 10 that she raises by herself. The father decided one wife wasn't enough so he went off and got a couple more. She didn't like it so she broke it off with him. So we were in the middle of a lesson talking about how the book of mormon can help her when all of the sudden someone knocked at the door. She got up and answered it, and in walked her husband. He came to pick up the 3 youngest kids to stay with him for a few days. After he left with the kids, Rita just seemed angry so we asked what the matter was. She began to tell us about her husband and how she didn't want him to take them because he wasn't that best role model in the world. She just seemed so troubled so we pulled a few scriptures out and helped her feel better and calm down to show her how the book of mormon can even help in situations like that. it was a way spiritual lesson! We are so excited for her and her kids to be baptized! They should get baptized and the end of the month.

So Elder Mariquele and I have made a goal to help each other out with the language. He wants to learn english and I want to learn porto. So we have been focusing so much on the language that we want to learn, that we started switching places:) For example, last week while I was writing you, I was having a hard time remembering a word in english. so I turned to elder Mariquele and asked him in porto "como si diz diminuir em ingles?" he look at me and started laughing and said "well it is diminish or decrease." ha ha but while we were in a lesson the other day Elder Mariquele was explaining something to the investigator when all of the sudden he looks at and asked me what a word was in porto:) ha ha ya I love this kid!! We have some good laughs.

Well sorry I didn't have anything way cool for you all this week, but this is the best I got:) haha but I love you all so much and wish you an amazing week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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