Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013

Ola Familia!!!!

Thanks so much for all the news this past week you wonderful people!! It is so cool to hear that Kylie is going to serve a mission. She will be such an amazing missionary, I am so excited for her. And I hope all goes well with gmaW Tell her that I am still rooting for her!!!!

Well This week was definitely something out of the ordinary to say the least. Elder Mariquele and I just got back like 2 hours ago from a week long adventure into the african wild with president and sister!! Well it wasn't the wild, but it was sure fun to go visit the other parts of the mission like Huambo and Lubango!!!

The missionaries down there are just on fire and excited for the work! They really don't have all that much contact with us up in luanda so it was way cool to talk to them about all the miracles that have been going on down there. We tried to do divisions with them, but there wasn't just a whole lot of time.

A lot of the time I was actually working on their dang computers. ha ha! I never thought that I would have to be working on computers in my mission. At both locations I downloaded the mls program from the church, installed some internet routers, and some web cams so that we can start doing video conferencing with them from luanda. (FYI thanks dad for the suggestion on webex!!! it works great!!!) Ya it was a ton of fun to do something different form the norm, but in the future computers are not my thing:) ha ha, sorry dad!

We were in Huambo for just a day, but we got a lot done. Elder Mariquele and I were asked by Elder Caslton, the branch president, to give a training to the members on missionary work and being examples to your families. It was way funny because as soon as president finished with his remarks and we were supposed to divide up, all the lights went out... So by telephone light, we gave our training to 15 people and 5 screaming babies:) ha ha it started off ruff, but Then Elder Clifford gave a little training on missionary work and brought the spirit back. It was way fun and I am already missing that branch!

While we were in Lubango we had more time with the missionaries so we were able to do some division and actually do some sight seeing with them!!! Oh man those elders down there are so spoiled when it comes to activities to do on pdays!!! We went to 2 places in particular that we extra ordinary. One is called O Cristo Rei. O Cristo Rei is pretty much a replica of a statue that is in brazil of Christ. The one in brazil is gigantic, but the one we went to seemed huge to me. We were able to go into in and up on top of the tower until the feet of cristo!! It was so cool!! I will send pictures next week I hope. The second place we visited was is called tundavala. It is probably one of the biggest cliffs I have ever seen in my life.  It is probably deeper than the grand canyon. Man was it so beautiful!!!
Anyways, the whole trip was just amazing and to just get to knew president and sister was worth the whole thing. They are such an awesome couple and definitely right for the Angola, luanda mission.

Well I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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