Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

To whom it may concern:

PARABENS LARA!!!!! Your baby is so stinkin cute:) The family is just getting bigger by the week. This week we had one, last week we had one and next week mom and dad are going to get that Samoan to sleep in my room:) Thanks for that pictures and all dad!!! Both of those new babies are so cute.

Well I wish our week was filled with cute new things, our new thing isn't all that new or cute:) haha, but He is helping out a lot. I am so glad that presidente is finally here!!! So This week we had a Mission Conference with all of the Elders serving in Angola. So we pulled all the missionaries from Lubango and Huambo and on thur. we got to listen to President Merrill and sister for the first time. That morning thats all we really did was get to know them a little better and had so amazing food made by sister Merrill. In the afternoon It was our turn to give a training, but we decided to do something a little different. Because there we so many elders We decided to divide everybody up by doing a workshop. Elder Mariquele and I taught about contacting and references, Elder Hobbs and pimentele(ZL) taught about how to work with members and Elder Tilley and Wilson taught how to help people be married. So we all had 20 min and we switched off groups at the end of the 20 min. It seemed to go well it was way easier to talk to a group of 10 rather than 31. After it all we got to eat once again and play a little soccer as a whole mission!!! It was just so much fun:)

Then on friday we had a testimony meet with all the elders. It was just such an awesome experience. I think we have the best missionaries by far in this mission, and we also had all of our Interviews with presidente on sat. During my interview I could really feel President's Love I am so thankful that he is here. The interview actually turned into a question and answer thing for my sake to clear up a few organizational things. It was so awesome.

Well I love you all!! sorry I didn't write a whole lot this week, but at least you can have a break of my horrible grammar and spelllllignng:)

Elder Wilhelm

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