Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Ola familia!!!

Hey whats up y'all!! Thanks for all of your letters this week it was really fun to see the pictures of the babies and of the camp out that mom helped out at:) Mom you freakin rock!! I bet dad really likes that you are becoming a mountain woman as well:) and its good to hear that your new engineering job is doing great dad!!

Wow what a week it was for us, but it was so fun!!!! Elder Mariquele and I were kept super busy with traveling and baptisms and what not. It was just such and awarding week!!

So on Monday, Elder Mariquele and I started our big trip to Lubango, and boy were we in for a treat:) About 45 min into the trip it all came to a screeching halt. I was about to fall asleep when all of the sudden the brakes on the bus freeze up and BANG!!! Our bus collided with another car and we both pulled off on the side of the road. Luckily we weren't going very fast because our bus was fine, but the cars back windshield was blown out. ha ha! What a way to start a trip:) So an hour later we were on our way!!

The next part of the bus ride is really kind of embarrassing:) Just to give a little back ground. Without thinking, I brought a big 1 liter bottle with me and drank it all:) ay, I know, bad idea:) Well around midnight I had this dream that I was driving in a car and I was following president. President was driving so fast so I tried to keep up, but then president slammed on his brakes and naturally I reacted, but it was too late. We came colliding and then I woke up suddenly in a panic and realized... well... That I was peeing... ha ha ya it was pretty embarrassing, but luckily I was able to stop in time. haha you know you just got to give it all to The Lord :) At the next bus stop I tried switching cloths, but because of my wonderful luck the bathrooms were flooded. Ha ha! So I just stayed like that till Lubango, and didn't tell anybody for about a day:) Ya, my pride was on the line, but everyone had a good laugh about it.

While we were in Lubango we had some really good divisions with the elders there!! I went on splits with one of my old comps named elder Kearney. It was so good to get to talk and teach with him. He is just such an example to me. He will be going home soon so I will miss him tons!! So many things have happened to him, and he just stays patient and positive and wants to finish out strong!! Ya I freakin love that kid!!! It was one of the most spiritual divisions that I have had.

We also had a zone conference while we were down there. Mariquele and I really didn't have to do anything because we were there really just to observe, but it was so good!!! The elders really did a great job!! and part of the audience was all the way in from Huambo, connected by a video conferencing tool. The next day we jumped on a bus for the wonderful 18 hour drive to get back home. Luckily we didn't have any problems.

Once we were in Luanda, we had a big task before us. That was preparing all of our investigators for baptism. So we ran around as fast as we could just to get  it all set and in the end it was all worth it!! 8 of the 9 were baptized.  The 1 is a story for another day I will try and write it next week:) The service was so awesome, we had so many members come so they had so much support!! I was asked by Bibi and Telma to baptize them and it was just such a great experience. We have been working with all of these people for such a long time.  It was just such a relief to see them all getting baptized. The members are also way excited to have some new fresh meat and are excited to help out with the intrigation.

So I am almost out of time, but just to make some of you jealous today for pday we got to go on a safari with all the elders in our zone!!! It was such a blast to hang out with the elders and experience a little bit of Africa:)

Anyways,  love you all so much!!! Have a great Week!!!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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