Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

ola Familia

boa tarde familia e os alheios que leem esta carta!!! Thanks mom and dad for the letters!! You guys stinkin rock!!! It sounds like you old foggies are having a great time in Cozumel with Karen! Oh man! That is way cool!! Sorry dad that you can't get into the water, but if i can't dive, then you can't, I guess:) ha ha

I may not be diving, but I sure am having the time of my life here:) I definitely prefer to be here than there:) Our week was way cool!! We are really in a finding stage in our area.  It is really nice to have all of the new converts to help us out though. They are so gung ho for helping us out and giving us references. We already received one from Irma Rita's family and the guy is way cool. We still haven't had an opportunity to talk to him, because we just got the reference, but we met him and he has a wife and kids... so you know... I am ways excited!!! Mariquele and I also came up will some goals for contacting and such that we hope will help out to. We will see this next week what comes out of all of them.

So on Wednesday, Mariquele and I went over to Rita's house and had a really cool family night, ya I know family night is on Monday, but that was the only time that they had:) Anyways, after the massage and what not, Telma, the second to the oldest daughter asked me "how do you say family home evening in Russian?" I looked at her and just started to laugh, because I thought that she was kidding. She look a little puzzled and then asked again a little bit more seriously... I then told her that I didn't speak Russian but I could tell her it in English:) I have been teaching this family for about 3 and a half months and all the kids thought that I was Russian!!! Ya, sad I know:) They said that I had told them that, and I might have, but it is funny that they believed me:)

On Friday night though we went out with president and had a party!!! Didn't even get back until about 1 30:)... well, it wasn't a party, but it was a governmental presentation thing that the church had to get a little bit more known by the government. As some of you man know, we have been having a few visa problems, so we are just trying to let the government know what we are doing here and that we are here to help. It went way good!! After, we went ate at the most expensive restaurant I have ever eaten at. Each plate was 150 dollars!!  Ya, crazy, I know!!!

Anyway I love you all:) have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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