Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013

Ola Minha querida familia!!!!!!!

Well It sounds like back home for y'all is just play play play isn't it:) ha ha but that is a good thing!! Thank so much for the letters and all I really do appreciate it.

This week for us has been absolutely amazing also, but before I let y'all know what happened this week.  I better tell you about....TRANSFERS!!!! SOOOOO IIII WWWIIIILLLLLLLLL BBBEEEE in the same place WWWWIIIITTTTTHHHH the same black guy:) Elder Mariquele and I will have at least one more Transfer together as AP's. This is going to be our 3rd. Ya I am way excited!! but there were quite a few of changes in the mission, for example we will be receiving 3 new elders this week and hopefully 2 more really soon. And there was a new zone that was created out in the providences in Lubango and Huambo!!! YA!!!! OUR MISSION IS GROWING:)

This past week, in our district of Luanda, they had organized a camp for all youth. Elder Mariquele and I talked to all of our investigators that were eligible to go and participate. In the end we got 4 youth to go from three separate families that we are teaching. When they got back it had just such a big impact on all of them. One of them, a young woman, named Bibi, was having a hard time dropping drinking. By the time she got back, she told us about all of the wonderful experiences that she had, and told us she won't drink anymore and told us she wants to be baptized!!! Her whole family was effected by it and all have gained even stronger testimonies of this gospel. Tonight we will actually pass by their house with a member and talk with the parent about how to get married and the importance of our families.

On Saturday, there was also another activity done by the women of the branch called African women day. They invited all of the members to come and watch and the also asked the missionaries if we could help set things up with food, tables, chairs, and inviting out investigators. So we obviously told them yes and helped them out. To start off the program, we all went into the sacrament room and had a few messages, talking about the importance of women and had a few testimonies, but at the end the music leader had slipped out and nobody knew where she had gone. So the woman that was in charge of it, Irma Adi, looked straight at me and called me up to lead the music.... I got up and saw what the hymn number was and it just so happened to be, "As sisters in Zion":)ha ha, ya I really was just giggling the whole time knowing that I was leading the women in the hymn for the women. After all that was done, they had a short talent show and then they had kind of a grand march type thing that just turned into a big dance party for all of these old women:) ha ha it was just so much fun and we had a few investigator show up as well. Needless to say, once they started to get dancing and what not, we decided to take off. Ha ha! I am so thankful for all of these activities. It has helped our investigators get so many more friends in the church.

Well anyways I love you all so much and hope you just have a wonderful week!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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