Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Ola familia!!!

Wow it looks like that production ofthe living christmas tree was a ton of fun!!! I remember doing that and having a blast. sounds like this christmas all yall were converted into a singing group. haha i wish i could hear it all, be sure to record if you can:) Thanks everyone for your letters also!! I love hearing from you all so much!!!

Our week was so cool here!!!! Oh by the way last week was transfers:) ha ha sorry i forgot to tell you all!! There was no change between elder wilson and i. it looks like we are together till the end. This is wilsons last transfer and my sencond to last transfer! man time has gone by so fast!!!! we did recieve two other elders though, elder money and dunkley, here in lubango. They are a ton of fun! they came down with president and sister on thursday, so we are trying to help them out with their area and t get to know it.

President and Sister came down for only a few short days. It was more of a check up to make sure everything was all good here in lubango. On friday they wanted to have comp study with us, so pres went with money and dunkley, while sister came in with us. I will admit i was a little nervous at first;) haha but that soon left and we all had a really good conversation about some gosple principle. I love sister merrill!! ha ha she is so funny!!

On that same day they retured backto our house and made us this big dinner with turkey, ham, mashed potatos, and just a bunch of good stuff!! I think they felt ban that we couldnt come up for thanksgiving, so they made us a big christmas dinner:) i was so thankfull to have some actuall home cookin!!! 

After the dinner we had a little devotional with pres and sister. President talked a lot about christmas and the gift that we are giving to people during this christmas season. he also encouraged us to find servise projects to do. To be a little honest president made me a little trunky:) ha ha he also talked a lot about christmas and our families so i was thinkin a lotabout you guys. haha after president spoke president showed us the chrismas devotional that the church does! It was way cool tosee it and hear it. Pres and sis left the next day to huambo

On satarday we had our branch christmas party!!!! ha ha It really wasnt all that long, so i was greatful! It was so much fun though. During it all of us missionaries sang and did a little skit! the skit was way funny, we werejust showing them the life of a missionary:) it was a ton of fun!!!

Well i love you all so much!! Have a great week!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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