Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Dear fam!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS YALL!!! Oh it is good to hear about the christmas spirit flying around back home. Pretty soon good ol santa claus will make it down that chimny and please a bunch of those good boys and good girls! ha ha It makes me a little jelous to see all of the picture, but i will be a blast back home i can tell:) Thanks for the letter this week also!!
I am way excited to talk to you guys this christmas!!! oh man i am excited. Tomorrow the elders from huambo will be getting here to have chrstimas with us and to have a zone meeting while they are here! We all did a secret santa so it will be fun on christmas for us all. christmas day we are planning on havnig our meeting, exchange gifts, and mabey do a service project at the chaple pulling up a bunch of weeds. they will leave on thursday.
Well i am not quite else to tell you all, but merry christmas!!! i love you all so much and i will see you on wen.
Elder Wilhelm

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