Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Dear Fam
It sounds like thanksgiving was awesome!!! ah há i will admite that it made me a little jelous:) but its all good. Ya we didnt do anything, it was pretty much a normal day. It is so good to hear all the temple stuff is going good!! i am glad that you are enjoying it mom and dad.
Há há ya I really dont know exactly what to write today! All i know is that it was an amazing week and that i am very tired!!! Elder Wilson and I were in and out of lessons all week. we had a goal to get like 30 lessons this week and have them be good meaningful lessons. We fel just short by 2 lessons, but boy did it pay off. We were so busy and didnt ever get borde down here in Lubango by ourselves:) It was one of the funnest week i have had on my mission, and we had a lot of wonderful experiences that came from it.
There is this one lady,lizet, that we started sitting with this week. When we first found her she didnt show all that much intrest in us, in our message, or in anything that we were doing. But we dicided to call her anyways. When we got to her house the first time she wasnt really paying all that much attention, but as we got to know her a little be we broke the ice and she really started opening up to us. On our second visit she was very excited to see us and to hear from us. we taught her the restoration and it was so good!! she understood it great!!! and she accepted to be baptised.
Well sorry i didnt write a whole lot this week, but i love you all and thanks so much for everythign you all do!!!
Elder Wilhelm

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