Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Ola Familia!!!

Hey, whats up!!! Sorry, just to warn you, today the internet is very slow
and I am not sure how much I will be able to write because it took
awhile to load it all. Thanks for all of the letters though!! I really
appreciate it!!!! You guys rock!

Our week was totally awesome!!!! This week we were working our tails
off. It was really sad though, because after having a sweet week with
our investigators and some recent converts, like none of them came to
church! DANG YOU SATAIN!!!  It rained a lot on Sunday so a lot of
people used it as an excuse to not come to church...

During this week though we had a couple of visitors. The first was the
assistants, Elder Mariquele and Hyde, and the other was Elder Lopes,
the 1st counselor in the mission presidency.

The assistants were down here for a couple of days and did some
divisions with us. One of the divisions I was with elder Mariquele!!
Ha ha, ya it felt really the same to walk with him, ha ha, we only
separated like 3 weeks ago. It was a very good division though!

The other visit from Lopes was less for us and more for the branches.
Although he did participate in our district meeting and gave us a
training. Elder Lopes was so fun!! He is just a crazy old Brazilian
man that likes to tell stories, but I learned a lot and he really
helped the branch out with his visit. He left just this morning so we
will miss him.

Actually this week we lost a dupla here in Lubango. We are not sure
for how long, but for the mean while it is just elder Wilson and I for
all of Lubango. Wish us luck!!! :) Ha ha, this next week should be
super busy just because of that, but we are pretty excited!! Pres said
that probably here in a week or so we will get another dupla to
replace the other ones so it won' be for too long.

This week while the assistants were down here we went out to eat at
this really fancy restaurant because this was elder Mariquele's last time
coming down here and he always wanted to eat there! This place is
called Kimba de Soba. There they sell really exotic foods and an array
of other things. When you first get there you just see all of these
big huts, some for sleeping and a few for the actually restaurant. All
around within the property there are a bunch of crazy animals like
monkeys, alligators, andicondas and just a lot of animals. When you
walk into the eating hut you pass by this glass container that has all
of the exotic meats that you can eat. We chose to eat crocodile, oryx,
javelin, and alcatra. The later I don't even know what it is:) ha ha, I
think it is some kind of deer. Anyways it was some of the best meet I
have ever had and the crocodile was actually very sweet and not fishy
at all! ha ah but we had a good time.

Anyways I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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