Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Ola querida familia!!

Bom Dia Bom Dia!! Wow it was so great to talk to you guys this past week. I loved it so much to see all of those little darling grandbabies! They have gotten so big. That was the last time to!!! The next time that we all talk face to face will be at the airport!! well thats if it dont get robed:) ha ha jk mom and dad. So just to let yall know as well my date is set and i dont think i will extend more than were i am at. my return date will be on the 17th of march.

We had a pretty dang good week! Elder Wilson and I, on thur, went to go and teach on of our investigators. We got pretty close the investigators house when we saw a huge group of kids come charging us down smiling and gigling:) so we said hello and gave them all a fist bump when all of the sudden coming around the corner comes a kid running a full speed towards the group. his pants were falling down, didnt have a shirst on, and had one of the bigest grins i have ever seen. In his hand he had a stick, and on the end of that stick was this huge, dead, rat!! All of the kids started to run away as this one kid winded up and flinged the rat in our direction! The rat did a couple of flips in the air and landed right in front of my boot!! ha ha I really love the little kids here! ha ha

On satarday we were able to meet with all of the branch missionaries for the first time. All of the branch missionaries are preparing to serve missions so president marques decided to call them to help them in their preparation. We will be doing a mission prep with them and are going to start trying to turn some of the work over to them. Such as doing recent convert and less active visits. We are so excited to be able to do help out with the first ward missionaries here in lubango!

Yestarday we went to Adilsons house, who is preparing for baptism in january. He has been sitting with the missionaries for a long time now, almost two years, and has wanted to be baptised for such a long time. The only thing that has been stopping him was permission from his parents to be baptised. The parents have denighed all this time, so we were kind of nervous to go and ask their permission again. We talked with them once before and they werent sure about it, but this time when we sat down the dad just said if that was what his son wanted that he would support him and would allow to be baptised!! We were so excited!! The dad said that he would also like to learn more and sit with us to:) 

Anyways i love you all so much!!! have a great week!!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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