Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Dear fam!

Hey it was so good to hear from all of you this week!! Thanks for the letters and whatnot:)

So I really hung myself with time today and really won't have a whole lot of time to write, but just know that our week was great:) as always!!! This week I had an interview with badger creek. I was so nervous when they called and I kept spitting out a porto word here and there:) haha but for what it sounds like it went good!!

This week Elder Chatwin and I did a lot of finding! There were a couple of people that seemed promising, but we will see what happens during this next week. 

Yesterday at church was kind of a bummer, because it rained. When it rains here people kind of hide in there houses and don't come out, so there weren't a lot of people at church. Good thing to because elder Chatwin and I had to teach gospel principles:) haha 

Sorry this was so short this week, but I love you all!! have a great week!!!

Elder Wilhelm

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