Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Oia Familia!

Thank you all so much for your e-mails!!! They make me feel so good to hear from you and how you are doing. Its sounds like life has gotten better since I left :) LARA I am so Flippng excited for you!!! That is so cool you got a job up in the good old SJ. I bet Mom and dad are way excited to have you. Kirsten your going to have to let me know how the ball went! If only your brother husband could have taken you ;) By the way everyone If you would like a personal letter send me your address. They only give us 30 min on our e-mails and just to read from you all take half the time:) but I still love it.

So this week hmmm not a whole lot just another week at the mtc. Language is still coming slowly but surely especially when I compare it to last week. Boy I didn't know anything last week. haha. P-Day is going great. I got to go to the temple again and have another wonderfull session and amazing food in the basement!! (thanks for the tip Jake)

So this week I was playing basketball with a few other elders and two irmas in our zone. We were all just have a good time and it started getting a little intense. So I was guarding my man when all of a sudden I felt something hit me and I heard this thump right behind me so I kind of jumped a little be off to the side. ( I thought a basketball had gone astray from another court or something) and I turned around and one of the girls had ran right into me. She is honestly and little over a foot shorter than me. haha ya I kind of felt bad but she was ok:) I didnt think I was that big of a guy. I need to get used to this superhuman body:)

This week I really got into the book of mormon. Every day this week I read pretty close to 15 to 20 pages. I never really got to into it before the mission but know that I have time to think about what i am reading. It is truly an inspired book with much invested in it to keep it safe. I love it so much.

chau chau familia eu amo muito:)

Elder Wilhelm


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