Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dear Family,

I freekin love you all! Thanks for all the e-mails and letters. They are one of the best parts of my week, hearing how you are doing. Thanks Maria so much for the package! I was starting to have withdraws on my caffeine :)

Lara that is so cool with the house I am hoping you get it. That would be cool for you to live in good old St. Johns! What a great place.

Hmm, I am not totally sure if anything that sweet and amazing happend this week, but tonight guess what!? I am headed to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The travel office just put a letter in our mail box so me, my compainion, and elder Tilley are headed there to pick up our visas!!! Holy cow I am so excited to go. We leave tonight at 9 but we wont be staying the night or anything. It will be a really fast trip. The Angola embasy told us that we had to pick them up in person,

UUUMMMMM oh ya, Elder Polito, elder Hanson and I were excepted into the MTC choir for General Conference!! so hopefully during preisthood meeting dad you might see us so be sure to look for us.

This week we got two more investigators. One doesn't even know who God is, so this will be intresting to try and teach him. I guess it could be like that where we are going. Today we talked to the doctor about malaria pills.... I feel like i might die there or something. haha He was a little dramatic about it I think I am sure as long as we take the precautions we will be ok.

Sorry this week was a bunch of random stuff it is just I was in a rush to get them all read and what not but I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Wilhelm

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