Monday, May 7, 2012


HEY FAM!!!!!

Well it sounds like it was kind of a rough week... I am so sorry but i know you guys are enduring it well :) Hey that is so awesome though that ria and jake are up there!!! holy crap thats so cool!! what a bunch of rednecks. Tambem way excited for lara and todd to get up there to:) i cant wait to be able to egg your houses with out traveling the vast differences :)

But anyways be sure to give Bob a BBBBBIIIIGGGGGGG!!!!!! hug for me. I am glad she isnt suffering anymore. she had such a hug influence in my life you got rely relize what you got till its gone. I love you guys and Remember the lord is there for you anytime you have worrys or conserns. he will not give us anything that we are not able to ender. but i love you so much!!! this____________________big :)

This past week I was reading in the a book that president walton gave to the missionaries in our district. The book is writen by the same guy that wrote "how to win friends and influence people." And it has helped me live so much happier and to be able to concentrate on the work so much better. the book is called "how to stop worrying and start living." granted i know i only just started it but in the first chapter it starts of by saying that we need to "day-tight compartmentalize" this meaning to not worry about yestarday. its already gone and there is nothing we can do about it. and also to not worry about the future (this was the really interesting part to me). That is not that we shouldnt plan. thats not what that means at all. it is saying that all we can do is plan and then do it once it comes. "the best possible way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm on doing todays work superbly today. that is the only possible way ou can prepare for the future." as I have taken this advise and focusing on the things that are directly at had i have found my ability to comunicate just shoot with the people. I would always worry about what i was going to say wouldnt make sence, i was worried about how long it would take to learn this language, i was worried about investigators not doing their commitments. it was stupid. working on the fosused task at hand will improve our ability to do many things beyond our capabillity. but anyways that was just something really cool that i learned that helped to much with the work :)

^But things here in angola are going great:) i still love these people so much and i wouldnt be anywhere else in the world. but anyways i will let the rest of you get back to your lives because there are better things for you to do:) i love you all so much and have a great week!

elder wilhelm

PS mother this is for you:) i will be able to go in and talk to you guys between 8 and 10:30ish on sunday. your time. so be ready :)

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