Monday, October 1, 2012


Ola familia!!!!!!

Hey whats hangen with you all!!! Gosh it sounds like there is just a tun of stuff going on back at home. Its is so cool that everyone is in Saint Johns:) It makes me so happy to hear from all yall. Hey lara thanks so much for the awsome pictures of your house that is so sick I am glad all is going well you you and the fam. Mom and dad I really hope the house goes through soon for you two so you can just move out of the house, it has jsut been insain.

But anyways This week was so stinkin fun! we had just a ton of success with our investigators progressing and what not. So this week I will try not to just ramble on for two pages about my investigators again:) ha ha So we have this investigator named hugo. He is about 25 years old and is probably one of the nices guys I have ever met. The problem with him for all the missionaries is he doesnt go to church. For this he was let go a few months before I had ever even gotten in the area. So we found him in our area book and we have visited him something like 6 times now and Just one week He finally walked into the church. My jaw had dropped to the floor and so did elder richter (our zone leader and also the person that droped him). It was such a mirical to have him finally get to church:) He loved I and had made so really good friends at the church.

So for p-day today we all went to go play soccer as usually but after me and my district leader decided to go on a division. So after soccer we went to a place called the bem fica art festival. At this art festival the sell all sorts of crafts, pantings, and status. As we started going in looking at all the stuff men would just come up to you and drag you to there stands, and would start to bargin with you. :) Ha ha ya being a big white man from the united states they saw a perfect oprotunity to "make a spare buck." You would start talking to them about what thing you wanted and about the priced. With out fail every one of them probably tripled the value of every thing that they had on the table. I have got to say this was a lot of fun just talking the guys down. I was able to get an african trible make for $40 when the starting price was at about $120:) ha ha Ya it was a tun of fun. In the end I ended up with the mask, a family of elephants(Including 6 figurins), a statue of an african hunter, and a had carved knife with the one of the angola simbles the thinker on the handle:) haha all in all It was just a blast talking those guys down in price.

Well hey I love you all so much and I hope you all have an amazing week:)

Elder Wilhelm


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