Monday, October 8, 2012


Dear familia

WOW I TOTALLY FORGOT IT WAS CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!!! I hope it all went well and yes we did hear the news about the age changing though:) that is probably one of the coolest things I have heard. It just means that all of you young people out there are that much more prepared than us old people here on the mission:) Very cool stuff though. So It sound like yall had an awesome week but not to crazy. I hope mom and dad get to move soon though... I bet you are a little nervous.

So because we didnt get to watch general conference we will get to watch it in about 2 weeks hopfully. We will watch it in the branches. mas president was nice enough to invite all of the missionaries over on sunday to watch the priesthood session and to eat dinner. That was probably the most powerful priesthood session I have ever seen. and of course we got to hear an analyge about about air planes for ukdorf:) If you didnt get to see it watch it, then read it, then read it again! It just really got me so pumped to go and watch the other ones in a few weeks.

This past week Elder Kearney and I got to have a once in a life time experience. I am not talking about skydiving or anything like that but with one of our investigators. So I think I have already talked about our investigator lourenso. We have been teaching him and his family for the past 2 weeks know. The last few time we were there we had really talked about the plan of salvation and how we can complete our purpose on earth via baptism. So They have all been really responsive to it. This last time we were over at there house only lourenso was home so we decided to answere any questions he had about anything about the church. I know a brod question, but he looked at us and started to say,
"I have gone through this whole life just following what my parents taught me and what the preachers had always told me not knowing for sure where to go and what to do. I have always been a little weary with other churches including mine because they preach many things that arent in line with the bible, always asking for money and most of there teaching dont even come from the bible. Never have I seen such love and charity from a church as yours has shown to me and my family. The stress of family and being to gether forever is somthing that i want and need for me and my family to progress and grow."
This man I probably the most prepared man I have ever met in my life. As we started talking a little bit more we started talking about the book of mormon. He has read all of 1nefi and almost done with 2nefi in just 2 weeks. He bore his testimony to us with such strong conviction that he knows this church is true and that book of mormon is the word of God. He said at the beginnig he had a lot of doughts but as he continued to read and the study the book of mormon the more things made sence to him in the bible and with what he should do because of the book of mormon. I have perhaps never felt the spirit so strongly in my life.

I love this man with all my heart and I am just glad I could be here to find him. Anyone could have found him and had the same thing happen to him, all he needed was a book to help him find his way. I know this is the preachyest thing you are going to ever hear me say but That book Is everything to me. I know with what happened to him can happen to every single living person on this earth. There is so much power that just leeks off the pages and all we have to do to access it is just by opening it and reading its pages. I have been reading it a lot latty to be able to finish it again. I can feel myself grow and learn in ways I have never imagined.

But anyways to say the least we set up a baptismal date with him for in 2 weeks:) We tried to set it up for in about a month but he wouldnt have any of that:) ha ha he wanted it as soon as we could. To say the least we are going to pass by that house a lot this week:)

Well anyways I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Wilhelm



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